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National Paralegal College – Textbook List

Important note: The textbooks listed here are subject to change as newer editions are released.
The textbook listed here for a course should not be considered final until 30 days before the course begins.

Course Name Book Name Publisher / Year Author ISBN Buy from Publisher Buy from Buy from
ACC-101: Principles of Accounting Accounting Principles, 11th edition Wiley, 2013 Jerry J. Weygandt et al 978-1118130032
BUS-201: International Business International Business, 9th Edition McGraw Hill Company, 2012 Charles W.L. Hill 978-0078029240
ECO-101/102: Microeconomics / Macroeconomics Economics (11th Edition) Prentice Hall, 2013 Michael Parkin 978-0132994842
ENG 101: English Composition Writing: A Guide for College and Beyond, 3rd Ed. Longman, Inc., 2011 Lester Faigley 978-0205223312
ENG-102: Business Writing Business Communication - 9th edition Cengage Learning, 2014 Amy Newman 978-1285187044
ENG-103: Contemporary American Literature American Literature, Volume II, 2nd Ed. Pearson, 2014 William E. Cain, Alice McDermott, Lance E. Newman, and Hilary E. Wyss 978-0321838636
FIN-101: Principles of Finance Fundamentals of Financial Management Concise Edition (8th Edition) Cengage Learning, 2014 Eugene F. Brigham & Joel F. Houston 978-1285065137
GOV-201: American Government Government in America: People, Politics, and Policy, 16th Edition Pearson, 2012 George C. Edwards III, et al. 978-0205865611
HIS-201/202: American History (I and II) American Nation, Combined Volume - 14th edition Pearson, 2011 Mark C. Carnes and John A. Garraty 978-0205790449
MAN-101: Principles of Management Fundamentals of Management, 7th Edition (Paperback) Cengage Learning, 2014 Ricky Griffin 978-1133627494
MAR-101: Principles of Marketing Marketing: An Introduction, 12th Edition Prentice Hall, 2014 Gary Armstrong & Philip Kotler 978-0133451276
MAT-101: College Algebra College Algebra, 6th Edition Pearson, 2013 Robert F. Blitzer 978-0321900500
MAT-102: Introduction to Statistics Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, 5th Ed. Pearson, 2014 Ron Larson and Betsy Faber 978-0321911216
MAT-201: Ideas in Math For All Practical Purposes: Mathematical Literacy in Today's World, 9th Edition W. H. Freeman, 2013 The Consortium for Mathematics and its Application (COMAP) 978-1429243162
MED-201: Media and Cultural Literacy The Media of Mass Communication, 11th Ediiton Pearson, 2013 John Vivian 978-0205029587
MIS-201: Management Information Systems Essentials of Management Information Systems -Text - 11th edition Prentice Hall, 2014 Ken Laudon, Jane Laudon 978-0133576849
PLG-201: Federal Income Taxation Examples & Explanations: Federal Income Taxation 7e Aspen, 2014 Joseph Bankman, Thomas D. Griffith and Katherine Pratt 978-1454833901
PLG-202: Employment Law Employment Law for the Paralegal Cengage Learning, 2002 Peggy Kerley 978-0766815339
PLG-203: Environmental Law Environmental Law Cengage Learning, 2007 Kathryn L. Schroeder 978-1401857141
PLG-204: Immigration Law Immigration Law for Paralegals, Third Edition Carolina Academic Press, 2010 Maria Casablanca 978-1594608179
PLG-301: Laws of Evidence Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom West Publishing Co. (Law Books), 2014 Deborah Jones Merritt; Ric Simmons 9781628101003
PLG-302: Administrative Law Administrative Law, First Edition Cengage Learning, 2009 John D. DeLeo, Jr. 978-1401858773
PLG-303: Public Communications Law Law of Public Communication, 9th Edition Pearson, 2014 Kent R. Middleton, William E. Lee 978-0205913336
PLG-304: White Collar Crime Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society, Fourth Edition Cengage Learning, 2010 David O. Friedrichs 978-0495600824
PLG-305: Law of Debtors and Creditors The ABCs of Debt: A Case Study Approach to Debtor/Creditor Relations and Bankruptcy Law, 3rd Ed. Aspen, 2013 Stephen P. Parsons 978-1454828037
PLG-401: Advanced Legal Analysis and Writing A Practical Guide to Legal Writing and Legal Method, 5th Edition Aspen Publishing, 2013 John C. Dernbach 978-1454826996
PLG-402: Advanced Civil Litigation The Litigation Paralegal, 5th Edition Cengage Learning, 2008 James W.H. McCord 978-1428323445
PLG-403: Drafting Contracts Drafting Contracts: How & Why Lawyers Do What They Do Aspen Law, 2013 Tina L. Stark 978-0735594777
PLG-404: Legal Document Preparation Basics of Legal Document Preparation Cengage Learning, 1997 Robert R. Cummins 978-0827367999
PLG-405: Trust Drafting Trust Drafting for Paralegals Carolina Academic Press, 2012 Stephen Haas 978-1594609251
PSC-201: Comparative Politics Comparative Politics Today: A World View, 11th Edition Pearson, 2015 G. Bingham Powell, Jr., Russell J. Dalton, and Kaare Strom 978-0133807721
SOC-201: Introduction to Sociology Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, 11th Edition (with Access Card Package) Pearson, 2015 James M. Henslin 978-0133810608