Constitutional Law & Criminal Procedure

Federalism & Separation of Powers
Congressional Powers and Limits on State Power
What is Federalism?
Congressional Powers
Presidential Powers

Judicial Powers

The Commerce Clause
"Substantial Effect” Commerce Clause Power
The Dormant Commerce Clause
The Privileges and Immunities Clause
History of Equal Protection and the Levels of Review
Nonsuspect Classifications
Suspect Classifications Based on Race
Fundamental Rights and the Equal Protection Clause
Freedom of Expression
Limitations on Expression
Freedom of Religion and The Establishment Clause
Freedom of Religion and The Free Exercise Clause
Protection from Unreasonable Searches and Seizures
The Exclusionary Rule
What is a Search?
Probable Cause
The Warrant Requirement
Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement
Police Interrogation
Rights at Trial - The Sixth Amendment
Miranda v. Arizona
Waiving the Fifth Amendment Privileges
The Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel
The Confrontation Clause
The Right to Compulsory Process
Burden of Proof and Presumption of Innocence
Protection from Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Criminal Procedure


Due Process of Law
Equal Protection
Freedom of Expression & Religion
Substantive Due Process – Fundamental Rights
Substantive Due Process – Non-Fundamental Rights
Procedural Due Process

Constitutional Law