Business Law & Bankruptcy Documents

Certificate of Incorporation Chapter 7 Discharge Order
Corporate Bylaws Debtor’s Statement of Financial Affairs
General Partnership Agreement United States Bankruptcy Court Involuntary Petition
LLC Articles of Organization List of Creditors for Bankruptcy Petition
Articles of Incorporation for a Not-for-profit Corporation Notice of Creditors in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case
Shareholder Proxy Agreement Form Notice of Creditors in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Case
S-Corporation Status - Kit United States Bankruptcy Court Voluntary Petition
Corporate Stock Certificates - Kit

Instructions for Completing Official Form 1 -  Voluntary Petition

Termination of Limited Liability Company - Kit Form B1 – Exhibit A
Operating Agreement for a Limited Liability Company Form B1 – Exhibit C
Stock Purchase Agreement  
Joint Venture Agreement  
Power of Attorney to Act as Representative in Bankruptcy Negotiations  
Ballot for Voting on Chapter 11 Plan