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The Social Network: Facebook founder gets sued for allegedly stealing idea behind the runaway hit social network site


shirley wrote:
Ideas can become universal without direct communication. Proven in the most primative form when isolated monkeys on an island were taught to wash their food, monkey's else where started washing their food. There is certainly a collective conscience which may be construed as nothing more than natural progression within a species. But, when an idea is not merely inherent in the genes, so original, totally unique in the world, and can be proven so, the source and conception of this idea should afford some natural defense if there is clear proof that fertilizaton took place in a virgin mind. While publically, all through history, many great inventions were given credit to the wrong source, and with detailed scrutiny another gave considerable thought, and effort prior to the first launching. We are to consider the facts combined with common sense. If the originator of a virgin idea hasn't the technical or finanacial ability to materialize their idea, there exists great risk with exposure and to what degree is often determined by the intigrity of the one entrusted to turn an idea into reality. If money is paid and received to assist in bringing this idea to life under a casual exchange of conditions, this should under all manner of fairness, and common sense constitute a combined effort, forming a binding trust that protects all parties. If no prior shares of interest determined by duties or financial input were defined, it should naturally convey a mutual partnership rather than sole ownership of the final product. After a person or persons feel their idea was stolen, how long do they have to cry foul? Surely the amount of input invested by all parties when the lawsuit is filed should be considered. Considering this, I believe the financial settlement was fair, but the originators of Facebook should also receive shares in Facebook.

techstyle99 wrote:
I think that the video explanation is a very comprehensive investigation of facebook legal issue from various perspective in considerations. This is the first well-explained demonstration of an impressive and interesting legal case, studied by bring on the table the gist of many Federal cases in retrospective. I like to consider this for a case study for my own law class!
Thank You.

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