Constitutional Law & Criminal Procedure Case Studies

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Using Computer Models to Determine Criminal Sentences View Case Study
Fourth Amendment Rights for Unauthorized Drivers of Rental Cars View Case Study
Supreme Court Takes on Sports Betting and Federalism View Case Study
Sayfullo Saipov: Enemy Combatant, Terrorist or Just a Plain Criminal? View Case Study
Is Gerrymandering and Partisan Redistricting Allowed? A Constitutional Analysis View Case Study
President Trump's Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Can it be Invalidated? View Case Study
NRA Challenges California Assault Weapons Bans View Case Study
Confirmation of Supreme Court Justices: The Constitutional Interpretation Litmus Test View Case Study
President Trump’s Attack on Syria and the President’s War-making Powers and Responsibilities View Case Study
“Get ‘em out of here!” Incitement or Free Speech? View Case Study
The Fourth Amendment, Warrants and Police Stop View Case Study
Can Senate Democrats Stop the Trump Appointments? View Case Study
Blood Tests and Breathalyzers at Drunk Driving Stops: Birchfield v. North Dakota View Case Study
Florida Federal Judge Strikes Down President Obama’s Healthcare Legislation View Case Study
"Czars" and the Constitution's Appointments Clause View Case Study
Can the Senate Legally Refuse to Seat Roland Burris? View Case Study
Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Election Electoral College Breakdown View Case Study
Domestic Spying, the War on Terror and the Fourth Amendment View Case Study
Kansas works "intelligent design" into its public school science curriculum View Case Study
Congress Subpoenas Baseball Players in Steroids Inquiry View Case Study
Can Colorado University Fire a Professor for Expressing Controversial Political Opinions? View Case Study
Right to Protest in Central Park During the Republican National Convention View Case Study
Fourth Amendment Rights for Unauthorized Drivers of Rental Cars View Case Study

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