The Rise of Arbitration Legislation Self-Quiz








The first law passed permitting binding arbitration was:
Choice 1 The Diversity Jurisdiction Act (1918)
Choice 2 A state law in New York (1920)
Choice 3 The Federal Arbitration Act (1925)
Choice 4 The Uniform Arbitration Act (1955)
Prior to the Federal and various state acts permitting arbitration, agreements to arbitrate were unenforceable because of:
Choice 1 Contract law
Choice 2 Tort law
Choice 3 Public policy
Choice 4 All of the above
The Federal Arbitration Act (FAA) is limited to:
Choice 1 Maritime conflicts only.
Choice 2 Transactions involving commerce only.
Choice 3 Maritime conflicts and transactions involving commerce only.
Choice 4 The FAA is not limited in any way.
The FAA makes agreements to arbitrate:
Choice 1 Valid
Choice 2 Irrevocable
Choice 3 Enforceable
Choice 4 All of the above

True or False: The Federal Arbitration Act is another name for the Uniform Arbitration Act.

Choice 1 TRUE, although the FAA is most commonly referred to as the “Revised Uniform Arbitration Act.
Choice 2 FALSE, although there are many similarities between the two.

Which section of the Federal Arbitration Act tells you how and when to notify the opposing party that you are filing a motion to vacate an arbitration award?
Choice 1 §10
Choice 2 §11
Choice 3 §12
Choice 4 §13

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