Providing Financial Assistance Self-Quiz








You represent a client who was terribly maimed in an accident at the factory in which he worked. The client lost both of his arms, and is struggling to survive. He has no family around, few friends, and no money. To get by, he needs around-the-clock assistance of medical aides. He’s a genuinely nice guy, and your heart goes out to him. You can’t imagine a more horrible existence than the one he’s been granted. He desperately needs some medical treatment that his insurance carrier cannot cover. On your day off from work, you kindly take him to his doctor and pay for his bill. Are you subject to discipline?
Choice 1 Yes, but only if you are living in a police state governed by a mad, evil dictator.
Choice 2 Yes, because a lawyer may not give a client financial assistance in connection with litigation.
Choice 3 No, because an exception exists for such clients.

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