Solicitation Self-Quiz






Chuck is the host of "Criminal Mind" a popular reality television show where unsuspecting pedestrians are offered cash to commit petty crimes. According to the rules of the game, if a pedestrian actually agrees to commit the crime, he loses. However, if he resists the offer, he wins a cash prize. The program does not actually want contestants to commit crimes. In fact, the contestants who agree to commit the crimes are informed that they are on "Criminal Mind" and so no crimes are ever committed. One day, Chuck approaches Alex and offers him $500 to shoplift some candy from a convenience store across the street. Before Alex can even respond, Officer Barbrady, a police officer who has overheard Chuck making the offer to Alex, arrests Chuck and had him charged with solicitation. If Chuck is brought to trial, we will probably be:
Choice 1 Acquitted, because Alex did not respond
Choice 2 Acquitted, because he did not intend for Alex to actually commit the crime
Choice 3 Convicted, because he asked Alex to commit the crime
Choice 4 Convicted, because Solicitation is a strict liability crime
Lyle asks Eric if Eric will kill Lyle's parents for him. Eric kills Lyle's parents a few days later. If Lyle is tried and convicted for solicitation in a jurisdiction that follows the Model Penal Code, his punishment will be:
Choice 1 lower that the one Eric gets
Choice 2 The same as the one Eric gets
Lyle asks Eric if Eric will help Lyle kill his parents. Eric agrees to help. Before they can carry out the plan, Lyle and Eric are arrested and Lyle is charged with solicitation and conspiracy. Assuming that the prosecution can prove its case, Lyle can be convicted of both charges:

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