Historical Background of Alimony Self-Quiz









Ashley and Michael were married for 15 years before they split last year. During their marriage, Ashley worked as a volunteer with the local Red Cross and took care of their daughter. Michael was a manager at his family’s lumber yard. Although Ashley was allowed to stay in the family home with their daughter, she had no money to pay the bills while their case was being litigated. How can the court assist her with this problem?

Choice 1 Award Ashley rehabilitative alimony.
Choice 2 Award Ashley temporary alimony.
Choice 3 Award Ashley permanent alimony.
Choice 4 Award Ashley both temporary and permanent alimony.

Alimony has a variety of functions. Which one of the following is not a purpose for awarding alimony?

Choice 1 Punishment.
Choice 2 Damages.
Choice 3 Support.
Choice 4 None of the above.

Traditionally, alimony was reserved for wives. What constitutional basis served to extend alimony awards to husbands?

Choice 1 Bill of Rights.
Choice 2 Fourth Amendment.
Choice 3 Fourteenth Amendment.
Choice 4 First Amendment.

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