Modifications or Termination of Alimony Self-Quiz










Rocco and Rosa are divorced. In their divorce decree, Rocco agreed to pay Rosa $150.00 per month of alimony for five years or until Rosa’s death, remarriage or cohabitation. During the marriage Rocco was a bagger at the local grocery store. He quickly quit his job after winning $12 million in the lottery. What can Rosa do?

Choice 1 Bring Rocco to court for a modification of the alimony award.
Choice 2 Nothing because the alimony award was already decided.
Choice 3 Seek one half of the lottery winnings as an equitable distribution.
Choice 4 Remarry Rocco to share in the winnings.

Oscar was ordered to pay $500 per month in alimony to his ex-wife, Sheila, for a period of two years. Six months after he started making the payments, they suddenly stopped, because his job no longer paid overtime. Now his net pay is $150 per month less than before. Sheila went back to court to ask the court to force Oscar to make the payments. What remedies are available to Oscar is this situation?

Choice 1 Imprisonment.
Choice 2 A temporary suspension of the payments.
Choice 3 Seizure of tax return.
Choice 4 A modification of the alimony award.

Greg, once married to Helen, gives her alimony of $4,000 per year for 10 years. Helen passes away after only three years. Helen’s estate sues Greg for the remainder of the alimony. What will result?

Choice 1 Greg must pay the balance of the alimony to Helen’s estate.
Choice 2 Greg owes nothing to Helen’s estate.
Choice 3 Greg owes nothing to Helen’s estate because there was no life insurance policy.
Choice 4 Greg must pay the present value of the balance of the alimony payments to Helen’s estate.

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