Adoption Self-Quiz








A father who has never seen his biological son for the past six years learns of his adoption proceedings. Wishing to interfere and stop the adoption, the father asserts a claim. What is the result?
Choice 1 The father’s claim would be denied because he never took an active role in the child’s life.
Choice 2 The father’s claim would be denied because he waited too long to voice his objection to the adoption.
Choice 3 Since the father has no real desire to adopt the child, only to hinder the adoption, his rights would not be addressed.
Choice 4 The adoption would be stopped, unless the father gave his consent.
Walter and Lillian are both 17 years old. When Lillian becomes pregnant, she feels it would be best to put the child up for adoption. At first, Walter wants to marry Lillian. When she declines his proposal, he wants to seek custody of the child and raise the child as a single parent. What is the most important factor the court would look at to determine whether Walter should obtain custody of the child?
Choice 1 Walter attended parenting classes at his high school.
Choice 2 Walter is upset at Lillian for turning down his marriage proposal.
Choice 3 Walter wishes to block the adoption by another couple.
Choice 4 Walter is willing to assume custody of the child.
George and Danielle went through a brutal two-year divorce. Neither wants to see the other again. In addition, Danielle does not want her children to see George again either. Accordingly, Danielle decides to give her children up for adoption to her parents so that George will no longer have any control over them or access. At the adoption proceeding, George’s consent is not obtained. What would be the result?
Choice 1 The adoption will be put on hold, pending George's ’s consent.
Choice 2 The adoption will be allowed to proceed, since the mother has given her consent.
Choice 3 The adoption will not be allowed to proceed, since George did not give his consent.
Choice 4 The adoption will be allowed to proceed, since the children are being adopted by other family members.
When is parental consent necessary in an adoption proceeding?
Choice 1 When the parent has abandoned the child.
Choice 2 When the parent has permanently neglected the child.
Choice 3 When the parent has executed an instrument voluntarily acknowledging parentage.
Choice 4 When the court has determined that the parent is unfit.
Paula has a two-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. Recently, she started living with Timothy, who voluntarily supported her daughter and held her out as his daughter. When Paula dies unexpectedly, Timothy is not eligible to gain custody of the girl.

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