The Concept & History of Copyright and Sources of Law Self-Quiz








The Stationers? Company was:
Choice 1 The main source of printed legal works in the 17th century.
Choice 2 Granted an exclusive right to print books in the 16th century.
Choice 3 Part of King Arthur’s army in the 15th century.
Choice 4 None of the above.
Copyright law in the United States derives its authority from:
Choice 1 The Copyright Act of 1790.
Choice 2 The Freedom of Press clause of the Declaration of Independence.
Choice 3 The United States Constitution.
Choice 4 The 1803 Supreme Court case of Cartwright v. Pennies.

In 1840 Barry Clint draws an elaborate picture. His initial copyright term will expire:
Choice 1 14 years later.
Choice 2 28 years later.
Choice 3 42 years later.
Choice 4 70 years later.

Which of the following still affects the rights in some works?
Choice 1 The Statute of Anne.
Choice 2 The Copyright Act of 1790.
Choice 3 The Copyright Act of 1888.
Choice 4 The Copyright Act of 1909.
The Copyright Act of 1976 is codified:
Choice 1 In the United States Code, Title 17.
Choice 2 Separately in the statutes of each state.
Choice 3 At U.S. 17-117.
Choice 4 Verbatim in the American Copyright Code.

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