Trademark Licensing & Assignment Agreements Self-Quiz








It is vital that when selling a trademark the agreement include:
Choice 1 A provision for registering the mark.
Choice 2 Assignment of the goodwill related to the mark.
Choice 3 An authorization number from the PTO.
Choice 4 A detailed list of historical uses of the mark.
In addition to goodwill, a trademark assignment usually assigns:
Choice 1 Registration rights.
Choice 2 The right to prepare derivative works.
Choice 3 Future income and royalties related to the mark.
Choice 4 All of the above.
Registration of the sale of a mark is:
Choice 1 Optional and helps in future infringement cases.
Choice 2 Optional and helps establish ownership in certain cases.
Choice 3 Mandatory.
Choice 4 Mandatory, but automatic.
Which of the following is not a common part of a trademark licensing agreement:
Choice 1 Quality constraints on the goods bearing the mark.
Choice 2 Limitation of the mark’s use based on location.
Choice 3 Provision for continued inspection by the mark owner.
Choice 4 Each of these is commonly included in a license.

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