Bailments Self-Quiz







A bailment is a relationship in which the bailor transfers ____________ to the bailee.
Choice 1 possession
Choice 2 custody
Choice 3 title
Choice 4 none of the above
Mike rents a car from Avis for 2 days for the price of $100. Mike gets into a car accident. Will he be liable for the damage to the car?
Choice 1 No
Choice 2 Yes, if he was even slightly negligent in his driving
Choice 3 Yes, if he failed to live up to the standard of ordinary negligence
Choice 4 Yes, only is he was grossly negligent
Wilma is staying at the Midtown Hilton hotel. She gives her pocketbook to the concierge, who agrees to store it in a safe for her. However, the concierge is negligent and forgets to lock the safe. Wilma’s pocket book is stolen. It turns out that there was a diamond ring in the purse worth $5,000. Is the hotel liable for the value of the ring?
Choice 1 No, because it was the negligence of the concierge, not a matter of hotel policy that caused the ring to be stolen
Choice 2 No, because the concierge did not know that the diamond ring was in the purse
Choice 3 No, because Wilma was negligent in leaving such an expensive ring in the care of the hotel.
Choice 4 Yes, because it is certainly foreseeable that a purse would have a ring in it.
A difference between a bailment and an inter-vivos gift is that…
Choice 1An inter-vivos gift requires a delivery
Choice 2A bailment requires intent on the part of the bailor to give over title to the property
Choice 3 An inter-vivos gift must be between living people
Choice 4 The acceptance of an inter-vivos gift is usually presumed.

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