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An example of a primary source is:
Choice 1 A treatise.
Choice 2 A legal encyclopedia.
Choice 3 A judicial decision.
Choice 4 A law review article.
A law digest is:
Choice 1 A primary source.
Choice 2 A secondary source.
Choice 3 Neither.
Choice 4 Both.
Mary is a law librarian for the local trial court’s law library. A very confused first year law student approaches her and asks her for a tour of the library, a request with which Mary is happy to comply. As she follows Mary through the library, the first year law students points to the United States Reports and asks Mary what types of writings are contained within them. Mary responds that the United States Reports is a reporter in which one will find:
Choice 1 Judicial decisions.
Choice 2 Statutes.
Choice 3 Law review articles.
Choice 4 Explanations of law.
John and Laura are opposing counsel in a negligence case involving a motor vehicle collision. The plaintiff was struck while in the crosswalk by the defendant’s vehicle. The defendant, represented by John, has asserted the defense that although the plaintiff was in the crosswalk, the plaintiff was crossing on a “do not walk” signal, and the defendant had the right of way. The plaintiff argues that whether the defendant has the right of way is irrelevant – because the plaintiff was in the crosswalk, the defendant had the duty to use care to not hit the plaintiff. Both John and Laura recognize that there is a split of opinion in the jurisdiction. The judge, noting the split, asks John to explain the opinions of noted legal scholars in tort law regarding the issue in question. To what authorities should John refer?
Choice 1 Digests.
Choice 2 Statutes.
Choice 3 Case law.
Choice 4 Treatises.
In the question above, what other sources could John cite?
Choice 1 Law journals.
Choice 2 Law review articles.
Choice 3 Bar association publications.
Choice 4 All of the above.
John is beginning his career as an environmental attorney in a small, non-profit organization. John attended law school in Virginia. His new office, however, is in Oregon. Unfamiliar with Oregon’s current environmental laws, it is a good idea for John to first review:
Choice 1 Oregon’s judicial decisions.
Choice 2 Oregon’s environmental agency’s regulations.
Choice 3 Oregon’s statutes.
Choice 4 A legal digest that cites Oregon law.
Andy is an attorney licensed to practice in New York. Because New York has its own reporter, Andy has never had any reason to look in any reporter other than the New York Reports and other New York publications. Mike, one of the senior partners in Andy’s firm, asks Andy to look in the regional reporter in the library and find a specific Connecticut judicial decision. Andy, having never heard of a regional reporter, asks Mike for a definition of regional reporter. Mike explains that a regional reporter is:
Choice 1 A publication put together by a group of states so that all of their judicial decisions are in one place.
Choice 2 A newspaper that reports on regional legal trends.
Choice 3 A periodical that contains legal articles concerning the law of a few states.
Choice 4 A commercial publication that includes judicial decisions from particular states.
Legal encyclopedias only discuss national legal trends:
Joe is an attorney who specializes in medical malpractice. Carol, an old, personal friend of Joe’s is in a motor vehicle accident and asks Joe to represent her as a “personal favor”. Joe agrees, but is concerned that he knows little about the area of law concerning motor vehicle collisions. Out of the following, which will Joe find the most useful for gaining a deep understanding of the law in his jurisdiction concerning motor vehicle collisions?
Choice 1 A legal encyclopedia.
Choice 2 A legal digest.
Choice 3 A judicial decision.
Choice 4 A legal treatise.
Why is reviewing the volume’s pocket part essential?
Choice 1 Because the law may have changed after the volume was published.
Choice 2 Because the pocket part will alert you to any changes in the law.
Choice 3 Because the law contained in the volume may no longer be operative.
Choice 4 All of the above

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