Battery Self-Quiz






Tom is walking down the street on his way to the train station. There is a crowd of people at the train station and while trying to get through the station doors, Tom brushes up against Jerry. In an action against Tom for battery, Jerry will probably:
Choice 1 Win, because Tom intentionally touched Jerry
Choice 2 Win, because Tom could have waited until the crowd dispersed
Choice 3 Lose, because what Tom did is not offensive to a reasonable person
Choice 4 Lose, because Tom would not have brushed Jerry had there not been a crowd
Tom throws a rock at Jerry. Jerry sees the rock coming at him and reflexively throws his hands up to protect his face. While putting his hands up, Jerry accidentally slaps Spike in the face. In an action for battery against Jerry, Spike will probably:
Choice 1 Win, because Jerry touched Spike in an offensive manner
Choice 2 Win, because Jerry could have defended himself in a different manner
Choice 3 Lose, because Jerry would not have hit Spike had Tom not thrown the rock
Choice 4 Lose, because Jerry’s act was not volitional
Spike is walking his dog, Droopy when he sees Tom on the street. Tom comes over to Spike and begins arguing with Spike about some money that Spike owes Tom. Tom angrily tears the dog leash that Spike is holding out of Spikes hand, but Tom never actually makes contact with Spike. In an action against Tom for battery, Spike will probably:
Choice 1 Lose, because Tom never touched Spike
Choice 2 Win, because Tom pulled the leash out of Spike’s hand
Choice 3 Lose, because pulling a leash out of someone’s hands is not harmful or offensive
Choice 4 Win, because Tom confronted Spike first
While riding through the forest, Prince Charming finds a sleeping girl surrounded by seven little men. One of the men tells Prince Charming that the girl has been sleeping for one hundred years and that only a kiss will break the sleeping spell that she is under. Prince Charming jumps off his horse, goes over to the girl and kisses her on the cheek. The girl wakes up and the seven little men tell her what happened. Upon hearing that the Prince kissed her, the girl sued for battery. She will probably:
Choice 1 Win, because the prince kissed her
Choice 2 Lose, because the little men told the prince to kiss her
Choice 3 Lose, because the Prince was trying to help the girl
Choice 4Lose, because the girl was unaware of the touch when it happened


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