Tresspass to Chattels Self-Quiz







Rubin and Derek are teammates on a minor league baseball team and their lockers in the clubhouse are next to each other. At the end of the season, when the players were cleaning out their lockers, Ruben took several baseball bats that he thought were his and brought them home. In fact, the bats Ruben took belonged to Derek. When Ruben realizes what he has done, he returns the bats to Derek. Derek, angry that his bats were taken sues Ruben for a trespass to chattels. Derek will probably:
Choice 1 Lose, because Ruben didn’t know the bats didn’t belong to him
Choice 2 Lose, because Ruben returned the bats as soon as he realized his mistake
Choice 3 Win, because Derek was angry
Choice 4 Win, because Ruben took Derek’s bats
Donald and Mickey are next door neighbors. Donald is very angry at Mickey because Mickey’s dog, Pluto, is always relieving himself on Donald’s lawn. One morning, Donald sees Pluto walking onto his lawn. Enraged, Donald gets his shotgun and kills Pluto. In an action against Donald, Mickey will probably:
Choice 1 Win a suit for trespass and collect the value of his dog
Choice 2 Win a suit for conversion and collect the value of his dog but Donald will then own Pluto’s remains
Choice 3 Lose, because Pluto shouldn’t have been on Donald’s land
Choice 4 Lose, because Donald was justified in shooting Pluto

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