Breach of Duty 2 Self-Quiz







Clearbrook, Inc. is a company that bottles and distributes spring water. Clearbrook has a network of pipelines that pump water into three giant water tanks that sit on top of the Clearbrook bottling plant. From the water tanks, the water is pumped into the plant, bottled and shipped out. Each tank holds one million gallons of water. One day, one of the water tanks ruptures, sending hundreds of thousands of gallons of water cascading down the side of the bottling plant and flooding the streets surrounding the plant. Mickey, who has been walking his dog Pluto a block away from the plant, gets swept away by the flood waters. Pluto drowns and Mickey is severely injured. If Mickey tries to sue Clearwater, the argument that gives him the best chance of winning is:
Choice 1 He was severely injured in the flood
Choice 2 Clearwater was negligent for keeping water tanks in residential areas
Choice 3 Accidents like this do not normally happen unless someone was negligent and that the water was under Clearbrook’s exclusive control at the time of the accident
Choice 4 Water, in large quantities, is a dangerous substance

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