Constitutional Privileges Self-Quiz







George and Al are both running for president. During the campaign a news anchor who is reporting on George’s campaign says “I would never vote for George. He is as dishonest as they get. He has never in his life made a campaign promise that he has kept.” George sues the news anchor for defamation. He will most likely:
Choice 1 Win, because the comment was made on television
Choice 2 Win, because news anchors are supposed to be impartial
Choice 3 Lose, because George shouldn’t care what one reporter has to say
Choice 4 Lose, because George is a public official
A sports writer from Sports News magazine publishes an article in which he claims that Michael Jordan was deliberately missing shots so that the Wizards would miss the play-offs and he could play more golf. If Michael Jordan sues the reporter, he will probably
Choice 1 Win, because the comment was written down
Choice 2 Win, because sports reporters are supposed to be impartial
Choice 3 Lose, because he is a public figure
Choice 4 Lose, because he shouldn’t care what one reporter says
An oil tanker, belonging to PetroCorp, ran aground, spilling hundreds of thousands of gallons of oil into the water off the coast of Alaska and causing an environmental catastrophe. The state government of Alaska hired Anthony Lords, a renowned environmental lawyer to represent the state in its suit against PetroCorp. During the trial, which was hyped as the environmental trial of the century and was televised nationally, a legal pundit being interviewed on television said “I don’t understand why Alaska chose Lords as their attorney. He makes a lot of mistakes, he has lost some cases that even law students could have won and, overall, he is a very poor attorney. If Lords sues the pundit for defamation, he will probably win:

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