False Light Self-Quiz






Denzel is walking on Wall Street dressed in a business suit and tie and carrying a briefcase. As Denzel makes his way to the stock exchange, a New York Times photographer snaps Denzel’s picture. The photo appears in the next addition of the New York Times with a caption that reads, “The Rise of the Black Middle Class.” Denzel, who does not consider himself to be a member of the middle class, is offended by the picture and sues the newspaper. In a suit for false light, Denzel will probably:
Choice 1 Lose, because the newspaper did not knowingly or recklessly put Denzel in a false light
Choice 2 Lose, because a reasonable person would not be offended by being categorized as middle class
Choice 3 Win, because he did not authorize the use of his photo
Choice 4 Win, because Denzel does not consider himself part of the middle class
A photographer for the New York Times takes a picture of Derek and Bernie as they are walking down 42nd street. The picture appears in the next edition of the newspaper with a caption that reads “How Young New Yorkers Relax after a Long Day in the city”. In the background of the picture, but visible to anyone looking at the picture, are several adult bookstores and peep shows. In fact, Derek and Bernie have just emerged after spending the afternoon in the “Home Run” adult theater. In an action against the New York Times for invasion of privacy, Bernie and Derek would most likely:
Choice 1 Win, because the newspaper publicly disclosed private facts about Bernie and Derek
Choice 2 Lose, because the photo was newsworthy
Choice 3 Win, because they did not authorize the use of their images
Choice 4 Lose, because they were coming out of the theater at the time the picture was taken


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