Republications and Codicils Self-Quiz







Vernon executed his will in 1990. Subsequently, his son had a child, so Vernon wanted to add a bequest for his grandson. Accordingly, Vernon typed the bequest on a separate piece of paper, signed it and attached it to his original will. A few years later, Vernon dies. The bequest to his grandson is valid.
Floyd executed his will in 1975. At the time, he was single and lived in Las Vegas, NV. Subsequently, he married and divorced twice and had two children with his second wife, Robin. He decided in 1990 that he wanted to add his two children as beneficiaries of his estate. As such, he executed a new will, including bequests for his two children. The new will revoked his first will. In 2000, he decided he wanted to disown his children. He still had the old will. Which of the following is NOT a valid way to revive the old will?
Choice 1 Re-execute the first will.
Choice 2 Republish the first will by codicil.
Choice 3 Destroy the second will.

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