Qualifications on the Right to Inherit Self-Quiz








Carla was eight months pregnant when her husband was shot and killed in a carjacking. They had been married for three years and already had a daughter, Lisa. Due to the stress of her husband’s death, her son, David, was stillborn. If Carla lives in a jurisdiction that specifies that a surviving spouse and descendents share in the inheritance, Lisa and David receive a share of their father’s estate.
Mandy had tried for many years to separate from her abusive husband, Larry. However, after each abusive episode, he would always apologize and she would take him back. During the July 4th weekend, Mandy and Larry had a very big fight and he ended up shooting her. She died (intestate) three days later after lingering in a coma. She is survived by her parents and two sisters. Since the incident happened at a family barbeque, there were many witnesses and Larry was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. What will be the disposition of Mandy’s estate?
Choice 1 Larry inherits Mandy’s estate.
Choice 2 Mandy’s mother inherits her estate.
Choice 3 Mandy’s two sisters inherit her estate.
Choice 4 Mandy’s mother and two sisters inherit her estate.

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