Model Rules of Professional Conduct Self-Quiz










The Model Rules of Professional Conduct are:
Choice 1 Mandatory in every state.
Choice 2 The model on which most states have based their ethical rules.
Choice 3 Suggested rules for ideal (model) behavior by attorneys.
Choice 4 Inapplicable in private negotiations.
Joanne is a paralegal at the firm of Cartman & Kyle, LLP in Southernstate. While the firm is engaged in negotiation on behalf of one of its clients, Joanne knowingly lies to the opposing attorney about the existence of a document. Which of the following is TRUE?
Choice 1 Joanne has exposed her supervising attorney to liability under the Model Rules.
Choice 2 Joanne’s supervising attorney is responsible for her actions under Rule 5.3.
Choice 3 The firm has strategically used Joanne, as the Model Rules apply only to attorneys and Joanne is not an attorney.
Choice 4 Both A and B are true.
The Model Rules require that an attorney remain neutral in any negotiation on her client’s behalf.
Choice 1 TRUE, because attorneys are expected to uphold a higher standard than non-attorneys.
Choice 2 TRUE, because attorneys will otherwise be tempted to lie.
Choice 3 FALSE, because attorneys could not then have a stake in the outcome.
Choice 4 FALSE, because attorneys are required to zealously work on behalf of their clients.

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