Introduction to the Regulation of the Legal Profession Duties to the Client and Client’s Rights Duties to Others Confidentiality
Introduction to Legal Ethics
Sources of Ethics Law
Reporting Misconduct
Discipline, anction, Disqualification
Civil and Criminal Liability
The Unauthorized Practice of Law
The Management of Law Firms: Supervisors and Subordinates
Loyalty, Advocating Zealously, Diligence, Competence
Safeguarding Client Property
What the Client Decides in a Case
What the Lawyer Decides in a Case
Withdrawal and Disqualification
Duties To the Opposing Party
Duties To the Court
Introduction to Confidentiality
Attorney/Client Privilege
The Work Product Doctrine
Other Privileged Relationships
Conflicts of Interest “Lawyering” Judges, Jurors, Witnesses, and Courtroom Decorum
The Limits to Representation
Former Clients Rules
Imputed Disqualification
Government Service and Going Private
Doing Business With Your Client
Drafting yourself a gift
Negotiations for Literary or Media Rights
Providing Financial Assistance
Other Conflict of Interest Issues
Conflicts in Corporate Representation
Solicitation of Clients
Communication with Judges
Communication with Jurors
Communication with Witnesses
Courtroom Decorum