Indemnity Self-Quiz








Susan is about to be nominated to stand for election to the board of UpAndComing, Inc. If she is elected, what should be the first question that she asks?
Choice 1 Does the company have D&O insurance?
Choice 2 Does the company have dental insurance?
Choice 3 Will she be paid in stock or cash?
Choice 4 Will she have to comply with all regulatory filings?
Nick has been sued and found guilty of committing fraud on the corporation. Which of the following is he least likely to receive as a result of this outcome:
Choice 1 His job back
Choice 2 Indemnification for the fines he will pay
Choice 3 The protection of the BJR
Choice 4 Jail time
A firm has decided that it would like to expand its D&O insurance policy to cover more situations if its directors or officers are sued. When going out to purchase such a policy, the firm is likely to discover:
Choice 1 No such policy exists
Choice 2 No insurance provider will insure the company
Choice 3 The company will be forced to first pay off all antecedent legal debts
Choice 4 Prices have risen since they last purchased D&O insurance

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