The Rights and Roles of the Shareholders Self-Quiz










What is meant when a company is said to have a “staggered board?
Choice 1 Each annual meeting sees some percentage, but not the whole board, elected.
Choice 2 The board is balanced between “inside” and “outside” directors.
Choice 3 The board has too many interested directors to complete a vote on a transaction.
Choice 4 The board is racially integrated.
When a company decides to hold a “special meeting”, which of the following is the most likely reason?
Choice 1 The company is electing its directors.
Choice 2 The company requires a shareholder vote on a matter of usual business to the firm.
Choice 3 The company needs to inform shareholders of a change in the company's general operating policy.
Choice 4 The company is engaging in an extraordinary transaction that requires shareholder approval.
Which of the following individuals or groups are likely to be shareholders in a large, public corporation?
Choice 1 Mutual funds
Choice 2 State pension funds
Choice 3 Other companies
Choice 4 All of the above

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