Voting by Proxy Self-Quiz








Sheridan and Hank are shareholders in Grant Corporation. Sheridan and Hank can be denied the right to vote at a shareholder’s meeting if they:
Choice 1 do not properly inform themselves of all the issues and facts.
Choice 2 vote contrary to the best interests of the corporation.
Choice 3 lose their certificates.
Choice 4 put their shares into a voting trust.
Tim will be out of town at this year’s shareholders’ meeting. He wants to vote, but simply will not be able to be there. Given this situation, Tim should:
Choice 1 forget about voting this year and wait for next year.
Choice 2 sell his shares.
Choice 3 issue a proxy for someone to vote his shares.
Choice 4 register for an absentee ballot.
Tammy is issuing a proxy to a group of shareholders sponsoring an action that she favors. However, in sending her proxy material, the group failed to include a proxy statement which she could use as a template. Given this situation, what is the likely result?
Choice 1 Tammy will not be able to issue the proxy, as such a template is required
Choice 2 Tammy may issue the proxy, but must include her information and information about her shares and how they are to be voted.
Choice 3 Tammy must contact the company's secretary to obtain a proxy form.
Choice 4 Tammy must issue her proxy to the party opposing the shareholder action.
Justin recently purchased all the shares Jill has in Big Co. However, the date on which Justin purchased the shares, the company’s record date for the annual meeting had already passed. As such, Justin had Jill provide him with an irrevocable proxy in order for him to vote the shares. Such a proxy is:
Choice 1 illegal
Choice 2 legal as a proxy coupled with an irrevocation.
Choice 3 legal as a proxy coupled with an interest.
Choice 4 illegal as a proxy ex post facto.

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