The Securities Markets and their Governance Interactions










Which of the following companies is most likely to be traded OTC?
Choice 1 A Corp., a large technology company based in Delaware.
Choice 2 B Corp., a small, public firm based in the UK.
Choice 3 C. Corp., a small, private firm based in Delaware.
Choice 4 D. Corp, a large public firm based in the UK.
TechEdge, Inc. is an up and coming technology firm. Which of the following markets is the most likely place for TechEdge to list its securities?
Choice 1 The NASDAQ.
Choice 2 The AMEX.
Choice 3 The NYSE.
Choice 4 The CBOE.
Puts, calls, forwards, and swaps are all examples of:
Choice 1 pink sheets.
Choice 2 derivatives.
Choice 3 stock preferences.
Choice 4 shareholder rights plans.

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