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The Corporation: Formation and Features Other Business Forms Directors and Officers Rights and Roles of Shareholders
Introduction to the Corporate Form
Open versus Closed – Ownership of the Corporation
Formation: People
Formation: Paper
Formation: Acts
Taxing the Corporate Form
Liability of the Corporation
Introduction to Other Business Forms
Sole Proprietorship
The Limited Liability Partnership
The Limited Liability Companies
The Professional Company
The S-Corp
Introduction to Directors and Officers
The Duty of Loyalty
The Duty of Care
The Business Judgment Rule
Piercing the Corporate Veil
The Rights and Roles of the Shareholders
Voting by Proxy
Appraisal Rights
Liability of Shareholders
The Derivative Suit
Mergers and Acquisitions Securities Laws Bankruptcy Special Issues in Business Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
Share Exchanges and Combinations
Purchase of All Assets
The Hostile Takeover
Poison Pills
Financing the Corporation
Introduction to the Securities Laws
The Offering Process
The Securities Markets and their Governance
Insider Trading
Introduction to the Bankruptcy Laws
The Chapter 7 Filing
The Chapter 11 Filing
The Chapter 13 Filing
Creditors’ Rights and Secured Transactions
Priority in Foreclosure and Debt Collection
Introduction to Special Topics
Venture Capital
Leveraged Buyouts
The Role of Accountants
Investment Bankers