Good Faith Self-Quiz






Squeeze Me Juice Company and Sunshine Orange Groves enter into a contract under which Sunshine will ship one thousand bushels of oranges to Squeeze Me every month for two years and Squeeze Me will pay $5 per bushel. The contract states that Sunshine will send Squeeze Me the best oranges that are available at the time of each month’s delivery. Two weeks before the first shipment is due, Sunshine signs contracts with Tropicana and Minute Maid to provide all of the oranges that each company needs. By the time Squeeze Me’s first shipment is due, sunshine has nothing to deliver but small, hard, sour oranges that are not fit for juice. Squeeze Me rejects this shipment and sues Sunshine for breach of contract. Squeeze Me will probably:
Choice 1 Lose, because Sunshine sent the best oranges that were available at the time of delivery
Choice 2 Lose, because they assumed the risk that the oranges would be of poor quality
Choice 3 Win, because Sunshine should not have signed contracts with Tropicana and Minute Maid
Choice 4 Win, because Sunshine violated the spirit of the contract

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