Infancy Self-Quiz






Mary Kate and Ashley are two six year old friends who are playing at Mary Kate’s house. They are playing with dolls when, Ashley takes Mary-Kate’s doll away and begins cutting the doll’s hair off. Infuriated, Mary Kate gets the gun that her father keeps in his closet and shoots Ashley to death. If Mary Kate is charged with Murder, she will probably be:
Choice 1 Convicted, because she killed Ashley
Choice 2 Convicted, because had time to cool off between getting the gun and shooting Ashley
Choice 3 Acquitted, because Ashley provoked Mary Kate
Choice 4 Acquitted, because she is six years old

Mike is a thirteen year old junior high school student. Mike and his sixteen year old girlfriend are “experimenting” one day and they end up having intercourse. Later, Mike’s girlfriend claims that he forced her to have sex with him. If Mike is charged with rape, he will probably be:
Choice 1 Acquitted, because he is thirteen
Choice 2 Acquitted, Mike is younger that his girlfriend
Choice 3 Convicted, because the girlfriend is a minor
Choice 4 Convicted, because the girlfriend is older so her word is more reliable than Mike’s

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