Involuntary Manslaughter Self-Quiz








Billy and Jessie have successfully run an insurance scam for the last six years, in which they have cheated people out of several million dollars. The FBI has finally caught on to them and they arrange to arrest Jessie and Billy at their office. When Jessie and Billy see the Federal officers, they begin to run. As Jessie is running from the office, he bumps into an intern from a neighboring office and knocks her down a flight of stairs. The intern breaks her neck in the fall and dies soon afterwards. Jessie and Billy will be charged with:
Choice 1 Murder, because the intern died while Jesse and Billy were fleeing from the commission of a felony
Choice 2 Voluntary manslaughter, because they were provoked into running by the Federal officers
Choice 3 Involuntary manslaughter, because the felony that resulted in the death was not violent
Choice 4 Acquitted
Mario is driving down the street in his hometown when he drops the bagel he had been eating on the floor of the car. He looks around to make sure that nobody is trying to cross the street and then reaches down to get the bagel. While he is reaching down he takes his eyes off the road and does not realize that Al has run into the street chasing after a baseball. Mario hits Al and kills him. In this case, Mario will be charged with involuntary manslaughter:

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