Kidnapping Self-Quiz






Mark owes Andrew $1,000 in gambling debts that he has been reluctant to pay the debt. Andrew invites mark over to his house to settle the debt. When Mark gets there, they go and sit in Andrew's office to discuss their business. Andrew closes the door to the office but, what he does not realize is that the door is set to lock automatically from the inside when it is closed. The discussion with Mark turns hostile and Mark gets up to leave. However, because the door is locked from the inside, Mark cannot leave. If Andrew is charged with kidnapping, he will probably be:
Choice 1 Convicted, because he intentionally closed the door
Choice 2 Convicted, because Mark was locked into the room
Choice 3 Acquitted, because Mark came to Andrew’s house willingly
Choice 4 Acquitted, because he did not move Mark anywhere
The state legislature has just passed a statute defining kidnapping as "the forcible abduction and hiding of another human being for the purposes of collecting a ransom". Michael and Elise have just finished a difficult custody fight over their children, Alex, Malorie, Jennifer and Andy. The judge has awarded Elise sole custody of the children. Michael feels that he should have custody of at least the boys so, one night, he takes Alex and Andy from their bedrooms and drives them to a secret location where they can live without being discovered by their mother. If Michael is caught and charged with kidnapping, he will probably be:
Choice 1 Acquitted, because Alex and Andy are his sons
Choice 2 Acquitted, because he did not kidnap Alex and Andy for ransom
Choice 3 Convicted, because he does not have custody of the boys
Choice 4 Convicted, because he moved the boys to a hidden location

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