Visitation Self-Quiz






Jenny has custody of her child Ralph. Her ex-husband, Fred, was awarded liberal visitation. Six months after the original order was issued, Fred starts a new job where he must put in long hours on the weekend, interfering with his visitation schedule. He would like to change the visitation schedule. Jenny says if Fred cannot maintain the visitation schedule that is his problem because her lawyer told her that once a visitation order has been entered, it could not be modified for two years. As Fred’s lawyer, how do you help him?
Choice 1 File a motion for modification of the visitation schedule.
Choice 2 Try to negotiate a revised visitation schedule with Jenny’s lawyer to avoid going back to court.
Choice 3 Tell Fred he has to wait another one and a half years before he can modify the visitation schedule.
Choice 4 Petition the court for full custody of Ralph.
Swan is four years old. Whenever she visits her father, she throws a temper tantrum, screaming uncontrollably. Afterward she becomes withdrawn and does not talk to her mother. Extremely distraught, Swan’s mother Ana wonders what she can do.
Choice 1 The father’s rights may be restricted if it can be shown that it is in Swan’s best interest.
Choice 2 Nothing, Swan will have to continue visitation with her father regardless of how much she hates it.
Choice 3 The visitation will not be restricted because it is not endangering the child’s physical, mental, moral and emotional health.
Choice 4 Swan should have supervised visitation with her father.
Naomi, Alfred’s grandmother wishes to have the court enforce visitation rights with him. Alfred’s parents are married and do not wish Alfred to interact with her. Naomi is entitled to visitation.
Tamara wants visitation rights with her granddaughter Erica. Erica’s parents got divorced four years ago and Erica’s mother has sole custody. Tamara had no problem visiting Erica when she was with her father (Tamara’s son). Recently, Erica’s father died and Tamara feels the need for a court order to be able to continue visitation with her granddaughter. What will result?
Choice 1 The court may grant Tamara visitation rights.
Choice 2 The court will look to the best interests of Erica.
Choice 3 The court will be sympathetic towards Tamara since her son has passed away and Erica’s mother has sole custody.
Choice 4 The court will deny Tamara’s request.
Mary and Carter have joint custody of their son, Benny. After Mary was caught one day getting high in front of her son, she was ordered into rehab and Carter got sole custody (on a temporary basis). Carter does not want Benny to have visits with Mary because he believes she is still unstable. What will result?
Choice 1 Carter can refuse to bring Benny for a visit.
Choice 2 Carter can ask for a cessation of visits until Mary completes her therapy at the rehabilitation center.
Choice 3 The court could order supervised visits at a visitation center.
Choice 4 Carter can kidnap Benny and move to another state, out of Mary’s reach.
Mark, the custodial parent of Kyle, stops Kyle’s mother from having visits with their son. What is Kyle’s mother’s best remedy?
Choice 1 Stop paying Mark child support payments.
Choice 2 Kidnap Kyle.
Choice 3 Sue for joint custody.
Choice 4 Get a judicial enforcement of the visitation order.

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