Annulment Self-Quiz






Dennis and Carmen are in Las Vegas for the weekend. They have been gambling and drinking for several hours on Friday night; by midnight they are extremely drunk, so they decide to get married. They find the appropriate agent for a marriage license. In the morning, they realize they had made a mistake by getting married. Under what grounds can they annul the marriage?
Choice 1 They violated the waiting period by getting married right after getting the marriage license.
Choice 2 They violated the health requirement because they were not tested before getting married.
Choice 3 They lacked parental consent.
Choice 4 They failed to give the required consent.
Hanna and Jason enter into a prenuptial agreement that stipulates Hanna will take birth control pills only during the first year of marriage. After their first anniversary Hanna continues to take birth control pills and informs Jason that she no longer wants to have children. In fact, she lied when she told Jason before they got married that she wanted to have children. This disagreement causes a split in their relationship. How will the courts terminate their union?
Choice 1 Grant a divorce under the grounds of irreconcilable differences.
Choice 2 Grant an annulment based on fraud.
Choice 3 Suggest they seek marriage counseling to work out their differences.
Choice 4 Grant an annulment based on impotency.
Carole and Drew have been married for five months. Carole finds out that Drew is not as wealthy as he originally claimed. Carole brings an action to annul her marriage on the grounds of fraud. Will Carole prevail?
Choice 1 Yes, if she shows detrimental reliance on Drew’s claim in consenting to the marriage.
Choice 2 Yes, because Drew misrepresented that he was wealthy.
Choice 3 No, because there was no misrepresentation as to fertility or religious beliefs.
Choice 4 No, because Carole had ample time to discover Drew’s financial status before they married.
A marriage that has been annulled is considered:
Choice 1 A voidable marriage.
Choice 2 A valid marriage for 30 days.
Choice 3 A void marriage.
Choice 4 A marriage that is deemed to have never existed.

Angela died intestate (without a will) six months ago. Angela’s potential heirs (her two children and sister) bring an action to annul Angela’s marriage to William on the grounds of mental incompetence and fraud. They allege that Angela was of unsound mind at the time of the marriage and that William had induced Angela to marry him in order to inherit from her, knowing she was about to die. What will the court decide?
Choice 1 The court will declare the marriage annulled and William cannot inherit from Angela’s estate.
Choice 2 The court will not hear the case because Angela is deceased.
Choice 3 The annulment will be denied because Angela is deceased.
Choice 4 The marriage is presumed to be valid.
Mona and Ralph dated for only three months before they got married. Five weeks after the marriage, Mona found out Ralph had a serious heroin addiction. She immediately left him. She can have the marriage annulled.

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