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Leslie has two children (Gary, age 12 and Lois, age 14). Currently, both children attend public school. Due to Leslie’s religious beliefs she objects to the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Leslie can have her children excluded from the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance in school.

Justine (age 11) has been in and out of the hospital for a rare medical condition over the past six months. A new team of doctors has suggested an experimental treatment that may save her life; however, it is very risky. Justine and her parents are against the treatment. The doctors feel this treatment is the only viable option to save Justine’s life. Who prevails?

Choice 1 The doctors’ wishes.
Choice 2 Justine’s wishes.
Choice 3 The court decides the outcome.
Choice 4 Justine's parents’ wishes.

Wendy’s son, Earl, was injured during baseball practice yesterday. He may have to have surgery to repair the injury to his leg. Due to Wendy’s religious beliefs she does not support blood transfusions. Wendy has made her objections known to the hospital staff. Consent to blood transfusions is included in the standard consent form all patients have to sign before surgery. It is unlikely Earl would even need a blood transfusion during surgery. If Wendy refuses to sign the consent form, what are the hospital’s options?

Choice 1 Refuse to perform surgery.
Choice 2 Use a non-blood substitute during surgery, if needed.
Choice 3 Exclude the language from the consent form.
Choice 4 All of the above.

Rachel (age 14) has been secretly seeing her boyfriend, Shaun (age 17), for three months. They were inseparable until Rachel found out she was pregnant. Rachel’s parents are very strict, so she does not want them to find out about her pregnancy. Shaun offered to pay for an abortion. In Rachel’s jurisdiction, minors can have an abortion without parental notification if they are older than age 16. In an adjourning state, minors can have an abortion at any age without parental notification. What should Rachel do?

Choice 1 Get parental permission before having the abortion in her home state.
Choice 2 Lie about her age before having the abortion in her home state.
Choice 3 Have the abortion in the adjourning state.
Choice 4 Get a court order for the abortion in her home state.

Bruce (age 15) purchased a bike from his neighbor. Shortly after the purchase, the chain fell off. It would cost $25 to fix it. Bruce wants to sue his neighbor for the money to fix the bike. Bruce is too young to sue his neighbor.

Giselle (age 16) received a small beach house when her paternal grandmother died. The house is valued at $150,000. When her parents had financial troubles recently, the bank wanted to put a lien on the beach house. The bank has a right to attach the house to pay her parents debts.

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