Governmental Regulation of Marriage Self-Quiz








Sandra has two children, Dan (age 3) and Sebastian (age 10). Sandra’s mother, who took care of the boys while she worked, died recently in an auto accident. To deal with her grief, Sandra has slipped back into a substance abuse problem with alcohol. In fact, she was arrested last week for drunk driving. Those charges are pending. In addition, the state is threatening to take away her children (five years ago Sandra spent six weeks in a rehab center). What law protects Sandra’s parental rights?

Choice 1 State zoning law.
Choice 2 Procedural due process.
Choice 3 Civil Rights Act.
Choice 4 Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
George Jeffries is the mayor of Family Town. He is a strong supporter of families. As such, he was instrumental in getting the city council to pass a law that prohibits single parents from living in a new housing development that offers a 15-year tax abatement, thereby lowering the monthly costs. This ordinance is the mayor’s attempt to punish parents for having children out of wedlock. This ordinance would be upheld if challenged in court.


Greta is a supervisor at a local restaurant—Eat Well. When she told her boss she was pregnant, his opinion of her managerial skills immediately changed. He started to undermine her in front of the staff and gave her an unsatisfactory review. Up to that point, Greta had been considered an exceptional employee. As a result of this negative feedback, she was denied a promotion to manager at another Eat Well located in a neighboring city. Greta filled a complaint with the regional manager and the HR department. What law governs Greta’s situation?

Choice 1 Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
Choice 2 Family and Medical Leave Act.
Choice 3 Married Women’s Property Act.
Choice 4 Civil Rights Act.

Constance was a senior associate in a midsize law firm. She had been out on maternity leave for six weeks when she received a call at home from the managing partner. He informed her that she did not have to return to work because he had hired someone to take her position at the firm. If Constance decides to challenge her firing, what law governs her situation?

Choice 1 Family and Medical Leave Act.
Choice 2 Married Women’s Property Act.
Choice 3 Civil Rights Act.
Choice 4 Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
Carrie and Phil are having marital problems. During their 15-year marriage, Carrie did not work. Additionally, Phil handled all the finances, including maintaining the credit cards. He never allowed her to have a credit card of her own; however, her name was included on their joint credit cards. Nevertheless, in preparation of an imminent divorce, Carrie recently applied for a credit card in her own name. What law enables Carrie to do this?
Choice 1 Civil Rights Act.
Choice 2 Married Women’s Property Act.
Choice 3 Equal Credit Opportunity Act.
Choice 4 Family and Medical Leave Act.

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