Development of Rights of Women Self-Quiz








Historically, women were forbidden from doing the following upon marriage:
Choice 1 Acquiring property.
Choice 2 Making contracts.
Choice 3 Suing someone for a tort.
Choice 4 All of the above.
When a woman married, what principle caused her to lose many of her rights?
Choice 1 Principle of adverse possession.
Choice 2 Principle of unity of person.
Choice 3 Principle of inheritance.
Choice 4 Principle of dower.
Nathalie and Romero were married in 1910. At the time she owned an interest in her family’s farm, which produced crops that generated a decent income. What portion of the property is Romero entitled to?
Choice 1 No interest in the property.
Choice 2 A leasehold interest in the property.
Choice 3 The profits from the land and a 100% fee simple interest in the land.
Choice 4 The profits from the land.
Veronica and Barry married in 1915. She wanted to purchase some new furniture for their home. Barry did not want to make the purchase. So, while Barry was at work, Veronica went to the local furniture store to pick out some pieces for their home. Veronica will have no problem purchasing the items.

Historically, women had limited property rights. This changed when states enacted what type of laws?

Choice 1 State zoning laws.
Choice 2 Married Women’s Property Acts.
Choice 3 State constitutions.
Choice 4 State tax laws.

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