Assisted Reproduction Self-Quiz








Reginald and Michelle have been married for three years. They have been trying for a year to get pregnant. After testing, they discover that Reginald is sterile. Michelle wants to use artificial insemination to get pregnant; Reginald objects to this method of impregnation. Against Reginald’s wishes, Michelle has the procedure anyway and gets pregnant. Reginald refuses to acknowledge the child and seeks a divorce. Reginald would still be considered the baby’s father.
Troy was a college student when he made several sperm donations at a local sperm bank. Katherine and Anthony (a married couple) decide to try artificial insemination to get pregnant and sign an agreement at the same sperm bank where Troy made his donations. In fact, they happen to choose Troy’s sample for their insemination. The insemination is successful and nine months later they have a healthy baby girl. Who is the baby’s father?
Choice 1 Anthony.
Choice 2 Troy.
Choice 3 The child has no presumed father.
Choice 4 Both Troy and Anthony.
Ida is 38 years old and single. She has always wanted to be a mother. She decides to use artificial insemination and becomes a single parent. Two years after the baby is born, Ida marries Paul, who wants to adopt the baby. Paul needs permission from the putative father before he can adopt the baby.
Tyler and Melissa were married for 10 years before they got divorced. During that time period, Melissa went through several in vitro fertilization procedures, one of which resulted in the birth of their son. That was the only way she could conceive a child. Tyler had no problems conceiving; he had a daughter from his first marriage. Since they wanted more children, they had six fertilized eggs on deposit. During their divorce, Melissa disclosed that she wanted to keep the eggs for future use; Tyler wanted the eggs destroyed. What should the court do with the eggs?
Choice 1 Award the eggs to Melissa.
Choice 2 Award the eggs to Tyler.
Choice 3 Split the eggs 50/50 between Melissa and Tyler.
Choice 4 Allow the eggs to be used by other infertile couples.
Karen has had three children during her decade of marriage. Her neighbors, Oscar and Natalie, have desperately wanted a child for several years. Karen consents to be their surrogate and is inseminated with Oscar’s sperm in a clinic. Her husband, Charles, is against the procedure. A month before the child is born Karen decides she wants to keep the baby. In a court battle for custody of the child, who should get custody of the child?
Choice 1 Karen and Charles.
Choice 2 Oscar and Nathalie.
Choice 3 Karen, Oscar and Nathalie.
Choice 4 Karen and Oscar.

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