Unmarried Fathers’ Rights Self-Quiz








Mork and Mindy have two children, both born out of wedlock. Mindy dies and the children are taken away from Mork and handed to the state. What is Mork’s best argument to get the children back?
Choice 1 He did not have a hearing before the children were taken from him.
Choice 2 He was denied the equal protection of the law under the Fourteenth Amendment.
Choice 3 Had he been married to Mindy, he would have automatically gotten custody of the children.
Choice 4 All of the above.
Cynthia is nine months pregnant. Over the last several months she has been dating two men, Greg and Matthew. Greg is her long-term boyfriend; Matthew was someone she only dated briefly. When the baby is born, Greg wants to be considered the baby’s father. What method is NOT a way to establish paternity?
Choice 1 Listing his name on the birth certificate.
Choice 2 Supporting the child.
Choice 3 Telling everyone Matthew could be the baby’s father.
Choice 4 Marrying Cynthia.

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