Distinguishing Copyrights from Rights in Other Property Self-Quiz








The term ?chattels? is:
Choice 1 A distortion of the same word which serves as the root for the modern word “cattle,” and refers to property in the form of livestock.
Choice 2 Refers to property such as livestock, books, computer, sunglasses, etc.
Choice 3 Another word for “real property.”
Choice 4 A meaningless word I made up.
Copyright is a _____ form of property.
Choice 1 Tangible
Choice 2 Intangible
Choice 3 Nonconveyable
Choice 4 Noncorelavable
Copyright law protects ideas because:
Choice 1 Inventiveness and creativity are valuable commodities.
Choice 2 It is an intangible property right which goes beyond the bounds of physical objects.
Choice 3 It has its origins in the Statute of Anne.
Choice 4 Copyright law does not protect ideas.
Copyright ownership comes about by:
Choice 1 Filing with the Copyright Office.
Choice 2 Using the word “Copyright” and the date on a written work.
Choice 3 Creating an original work.
Choice 4 Declaration in a public forum.

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