Initial Ownership and Section 201 Self-Quiz







Copyright ownership:
Choice 1 Always goes to the author or the creator of the work.
Choice 2 Always goes to the person or entity who holds physical possession of the fixation.
Choice 3 Depends on the protected form of expression. (e.g., is it a drawing or is it a photograph?)
Choice 4 Sometimes belongs to the author but not always.
A ?collective work? is:
Choice 1 A work which brings multiple works together to create a new, single piece.
Choice 2 A work which consists of a number of contributions, constituting separate and independent works.
Choice 3 A work created by communists.
Choice 4 A work which gains more than one form of intellectual property protection. (e.g., copyright and trademark)

Ben and Jerry are struggling authors who decide to write a script for a TV show. Their idea is about a man who gets into a car accident and is forced to work off his debt to the other driver by acting as his butler. They sit down together to write the script. This work would be called:
Choice 1 A collective work.
Choice 2 A joint work.
Choice 3 A work for hire.
Choice 4 A show about nothing.

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