Registration Self-Quiz






Prima facie means:
Choice 1 “Original mark.”
Choice 2 “On its face.”
Choice 3 “The first meaning,” and refers to the most common meaning of a term used in a mark.
Choice 4 “First to produce.”
In order to use the symbol � with a product, a mark owner must:
Choice 1 Make consistent, bona fide use of a mark in commerce for a period of 5 years.
Choice 2 Register the mark with the PTO.
Choice 3 Also affix information as to the primary state of business for the mark owner.
Choice 4 Do nothing other than affix the symbol.
Displaying the � (or certain other language) with a registered mark is a right, but failure to do so will:
Choice 1 Potentially weaken the validity of the mark.
Choice 2 Prevent a court from granting an injunction in cases of innocent infringement.
Choice 3 Force the mark owner to establish priority before recovering damages from an infringer.
Choice 4 Prevent a mark owner from recovering for lost profits from an infringer.
Mark owners can choose to:
Choice 1 Place their mark on the principal register.
Choice 2 Place their mark on the supplemental register.
Choice 3 Not register their mark.
Choice 4 All of the above.
Once registered, a mark is:
Choice 1 Protected indefinitely.
Choice 2 Protected so long as it is maintained.
Choice 3 Protected for 10 years.
Choice 4 Protected for an initial term of 50 years with an optional 25 year renewal term.

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