Acquisition of personal property- the Rule of Capture Self-Quiz











Jill is walking in the street when she happens upon Jack’s broken crown that has a label inside of it with the name “Jack” clearly written on it. Nevertheless, Jill keeps the crown. Later, Jack finds out about this and sues Jill to recover his crown. Will he prevail?
Choice 1 Yes, but only if Jack was actively looking for the crown at the time that Jill found it
Choice 2 Yes, because Jack is the rightful owner of the crown and does not lose his right to his property just because he loses the property
Choice 3 No, because “finders keepers, losers weepers”
Choice 4 No, because the crown was broken in any case
Timmy has a dog named Lassie whom he has owned for 5 years, and who sleeps on the floor of Timmy’s room every night. One day, Lassie walks out of Timmy’s house and gets lost. Wally finds Lassie. Must Wally return Lassie to Timmy?
Choice 1Yes, because Lassie is a domesticated animal and so,just because she gets lost does not mean Timmy loses ownership of her.
Choice 2 No, because Lassie is lost and Timmy could not find her.
Choice 3 No, because animals are not personal property, and thus do not have to be returned to their owners if lost.
Choice 4 No, if Timmy was negligent in allowing Lassie to get lost.
Angelo captures a Siberian tiger and sells it to the Bronx Zoo. The Zoo puts the tiger into a cage. The tiger tries repeatedly to escape, but to no avail. Finally, one day, the tiger escapes when John, a Zoo employee comes to feed it and forgets to close the door to the cage. The tiger escapes to the countryside, where it roams until it is captured by Shiela. Under the common law, who has the right of ownership over the Tiger?
Choice 1Angelo
Choice 2The Bronx Zoo
Choice 3Shiela
Choice 4Nobody, it must be returned to its natural habitat.

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