Real Property

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Personal Property The Estate System and Future Interests Concurrent Ownership of Real Property Landlord-Tenant Law
Acquisition of personal property- the Rule of Capture
Acquisition by Accession
Inter-Vivos Gifts
Gifts Causa Mortis
Introduction to the Estate System
The Fee Simple and Fee Tail
The Life Estate
The Non-Freehold Estates
Future Interests
Rule Against Perpetuities
Introduction to Concurrent Ownership
Joint Tenancy
Tenancy by the Entirety
Community Property
Rights and Duties of Co-Tenants
The Leaseholds
Duties of the Landlord
Duties of the Tenant
Landlord’s Tort Liability
Assignments and Sub-Leases
Acquisition of Real Property Easements The Recording System and Mortgages Rights and Duties Inherent in the Ownership of Real Property
Acquisition by Adverse Possession
Contracts for the Sale of Real Property
The Closing and Real Property Deeds
Introduction to Easements
License Distinguished
The Creation of Easements
The Scope of Easements
Termination of Easements
Real Covenants & Equitable Servitudes
The Recording Acts- Introduction
Notice and Race-Notice Jurisdictions
Mortgages and Foreclosure
Eminent Domain and Just Compensation
Zoning Laws
Subterranean Caves and Lateral Support
Oil and Gas and other Natural Resources
Water Rights of Real Property Owners