Cite Checking Self-Quiz








You must cite check because:
Choice 1 Case law may be overruled, reversed, or otherwise rendered defunct.
Choice 2 Cite checking services are never infallible.
Choice 3 None of the above.
While conducting oral arguments, Susan, the attorney for the plaintiff, argues that the defendant’s attorney citation of a case that has been affirmed is improper because if a decision has been affirmed, it is no longer good law. The judge responds that Susan’s assertion is:
While researching a particular legal issue, Michael came across the following citation after the citation of a decision he wanted to cite as authority: reversed, 359 Me. 236 (1942). What should Michael do?
Choice 1 Read the reversing decision and make sure that the reason for reversal is important.
Choice 2 Do nothing.
Choice 3 Completely ignore the decision he wanted to use as authority; a reversal automatically renders the case bad law.
Choice 4 None of the above.

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