Torts 2

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Strict Liability Products Liability Nuisance Defamation
Introduction to Strict Liability
Injury Inflicted by Animals
Abnormally Dangerous Activities
Liability for Intentional Torts, Negligence and Strict Liability
Liability and Defenses to Products Liability
Breach of Warranty
General Principles of Defamation 1
General Principles of Defamation 2
Defenses to Defamation
Constitutional Privileges
Invasion of Privacy Economic Torts Factors Affecting Right to Sue
Introduction to Invasion of Privacy
Intrusion Upon Seclusion
Public Disclosure of Private Facts
Appropriation of Plaintiff’s Name or Likeness
False Light
Injurious Falsehood
Interference with Contracts
Malicious Prosecution
Survival of Tort Actions
Derivative Suits for Family Members
Tort Immunity
Joint and Several Liability and Indemnity