Probate and Uniform Probate Code Self-Quiz








Ross died last month. His will designated his wife, Faye, as the executor, if she survived him. If not, his brother, Benjamin was to be the executor. Faye was still alive when Ross died, so she started the probate process. As part of the probate procedure in her state, she had to give notice to all interested parties. Her state follows which type of probate form:
Choice 1 Common form probate.
Choice 2 Solemn form probate.
At the time of his death, Emilio lived in Boston, MA. He was a college professor at Boston University. During the summer, he usually vacationed at his summer home in rural Maine. Which probate court has jurisdiction over Emilio’s estate?
Choice 1 Maine.
Choice 2 Massachusetts.
Choice 3 Both Maine and Massachusetts.
At the time of his death, Emilio lived in Washington, DC. He was a part-time college professor at American University in Washington, DC and also taught part-time at the University of Virginia. He also had a home in Virginia. His wife lived with him in Virginia, where she was an administrator at the University of Virginia. Where is Emilio’s domicile for probate purposes?
Choice 1 Virginia.
Choice 2 District of Columbia.
Choice 3 Both Virginia and District of Columbia.

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