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Video Presentations

Patents Rights on Treatments During a Pandemic 5/12/2021
Can Government Mandate the COVID Vaccination? 3/1/2021
Tax Treatment of Bitcoin and other Virtual Currencies 2/19/2021
Legal Blowback After Robinhood Halts Trading of Certain Stocks 2/10/2021
Democrats Threaten to Pack the Supreme Court if Ginsburg Replacement is Rushed 9/23/2020
The Insurrection Act and Use of the US Military on US Soil 6/9/2020
President Trump Signs Executive Order Targeting Twitter 6/4/2020
President Trump Issues a Series of Controversial Pardons 2/24/2020
New NY Bail Law Stirs Controversy 2/17/2020
Criminal Penalties for Spreading Fake News? 2/3/2020
Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton for Calling her a Russian Asset 1/29/2020
Evidence of Prior Bad Acts in the Harvey Weinstein Trial 1/16/2020
FTC Considers Going After Facebook 1/2/2020
UK Election and What it Means for 2020 12/18/2019
New Life for the Equal Rights Amendment 11/13/2019
President Trump Declares National Emergency to Facilitate Border Wall Construction 2/22/2019
Federal Judge in Texas Strikes Down "Obamacare" 12/21/2018
Asian-American Groups Accuse Harvard of Discrimination in Admissions 8/22/2018
The Due Process Rights of Illegal Entrants to the United States 7/9/2018
The Legality of Suing a Sitting President 4/4/2018
Using Computer Models to Determine Criminal Sentences 2/26/2018
Fourth Amendment Rights for Unauthorized Drivers of Rental Cars 2/8/2018
The United States Government's Pursuit of Swiss Banks who Assist American Tax Evaders 1/31/2018
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017: What it Means for You 1/24/2018
Proposed Law Would Prohibit Mandatory Arbitration Clauses for Sexual Harassment Claims 1/10/2018
Did Apple Break Any Laws by Slowing Down Older iPhones? 1/4/2018
Supreme Court Takes on Sports Betting and Federalism 12/13/2017
Sayfullo Saipov: Enemy Combatant, Terrorist or Just a Plain Criminal? 11/10/2017
The Mansfield Rule and “Big Law’s” Embrace of Diversity Hiring 11/8/2017
Is Gerrymandering and Partisan Redistricting Allowed? A Constitutional Analysis 11/1/2017
Is it a Crime to Knowingly Risk Spreading HIV? 10/24/2017
Facial Recognition Technology, Face ID and the Constitution 10/16/2017
Mental Health Holds in Jails: The Bizarre Phenomenon of Incarcerating Those With Mental Emergencies 10/9/2017
Retaliation in Employment Law: Scottie Nell Hughes' Lawsuit Against Fox News 10/2/2017
President Trump's Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Can it be Invalidated? 9/25/2017
End of the DREAM? Rescission of DACA and the Subsequent State Lawsuit 9/15/2017
Climate Change Litigation: Can Lawsuits Force the Government’s Hand at Environmental Policy? 9/8/2017
Can you be fired for expressing your political views? James Damore's case against Google 9/6/2017
The NFL Concussion Lawsuit 8/23/2017
Genetic Information Databases and Privacy Concerns 8/16/2017
CIA Psychologists Sued Over Enhanced Interrogation 8/4/2017
NRA Challenges California Assault Weapons Bans 7/28/2017
Silver and McDonnell Cases Make it Harder to Convict Public Officials of Corruption 7/21/2017
Is Collusion a Crime? 7/14/2017
Congress Repeals FCC’s Internet Privacy Rules 7/11/2017
Federal Court Shoots Down FAA Drone Registration Rule 6/27/2017
When is Bail Considered Excessive? An Eighth Amendment Analysis 6/21/2017
New Laws Prevent Prospective Employers From Asking About Salary History 6/9/2017
The AHCA vs. the ACA: What the proposed Healthcare Legislation Could Change about Obamacare 6/4/2017
Can Endorsement Contracts be Nullified Based on Bad Behavior? The Ryan Lochte Cautionary Tale 5/30/2017
The Internet of Things: Government Investigative Tool? 5/24/2017
Conflicting Laws Affecting Medical Marijuana 5/19/2017
Confirmation of Supreme Court Justices: The Constitutional Interpretation Litmus Test 5/16/2017
Red Bull, Dunkin’ Donuts and False Advertising Rules 5/12/2017
President Trump’s Attack on Syria and the President’s War-making Powers and Responsibilities 5/9/2017
Lawsuit Regarding Tesla's "Autopilot" System 5/5/2017
Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Violates Federal Law, Seventh Circuit Rules 5/2/2017
Net neutrality: Should the government be regulating Internet traffic? 4/25/2017
Skilled workers, the H-1B visa and the Trump Administration's "America First" policy 4/21/2017
“Get ‘em out of here!” Incitement or Free Speech? 4/19/2017
Cruel and Unusual? When can states execute people who are mentally ill? 4/10/2017
The Opioid Epidemic: Are Drug Manufacturers Liable? 4/4/2017
Overview of Federal Income Taxation for Individuals 3/30/2017
Religious Garments in the Workplace: United States vs. European Union 3/27/2017
Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Deposits and Real Estate Contracts 3/20/2017
Double Jeopardy and Puerto Rico's Sovereignty 3/7/2017
Healthcare Planning and the Constitutional Right to Privacy 2/22/2017
Immigration and the Trump Executive Order 2/14/2017
Prosecution's responsibility to turn over exculpatory evidence 2/10/2017
Ikea sued for product liability after its dressers fall on children 1/31/2017
NFL Concussion Lawsuits 1/24/2017
Napster revisited? The EMI case 1/13/2017
The Fourth Amendment, Warrants and Police Stop 1/6/2017
Can Senate Democrats Stop the Trump Appointments? 12/28/2016
Abortion and the Ohio "Heartbeat Bill" 12/19/2016
Is Being an Internet Troll against the law? 11/29/2016
Liability Waivers and Ski Resorts 11/21/2016
Enforcement of Cyber Crime 11/14/2016
It's Election Day - for Judges also 11/7/2016
Trademarks and Tea Bands 11/4/2016
The State of the Death Penalty in the United States 11/2/2016
Defamation Lawsuit Filed over Yelp Review 10/27/2016
Samsung Recalls the Galaxy 7 and will face Product Liability Actions 10/10/2016
The Aggressive Enforcement of Olympics Trademarks 10/5/2016
Third Party Candidates Excluded from Presidential Debates 9/29/2016
ICC Metes Out 9 Year Sentence for Destroying Religious Shrines 9/27/2016
Creator of Star Wars Stormtrooper Uniforms beats Star Wars in British Court! 9/19/2016
2016 Electoral College primer 9/9/2016
Blood Tests and Breathalyzers at Drunk Driving Stops: Birchfield v. North Dakota 8/29/2016
NPC Case Analysis: Molina Martinez v. United States 5/5/2016
Presidential Immunity and the Trump University Lawsuits 3/10/2016
Supreme Court to Decide Texas Abortion Statute Challenge 3/4/2016
Can Congress Override the Iran Agreement? 7/15/2015
ABA Opposes Florida Death Penalty Procedure 6/19/2015
Rescued Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl May Face Prosecution for Desertion 2/4/2015
Tony Stewart involved in fatal crash during race 8/13/2014
Dumb Starbucks 2/19/2014
Federal Court Strikes Down Income Tax Exemption for Parsonage 11/27/2013
George Zimmerman’s acquittal not the end of the Zimmerman/Martin matter 7/15/2013
Supreme Court to Decide Constitutionality of the "Defense of Marriage Act" 1/13/2013
Supreme Court Upholds Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 7/3/2012
2012 Presidential Election - Electoral College Analysis 6/12/2012
Citizens United and the Emergence of the Super PAC 2/2/2012
Supreme Court Decertifies Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Against Walmart 10/27/2011
Florida Federal Judge Strikes Down President Obama’s Healthcare Legislation 2/27/2011
The Social Network: Facebook founder gets sued for allegedly stealing idea behind the runaway hit social network site 10/13/2010
Federal Court prevents the FCC from enforcing "net neutrality" rule against Comcast 4/11/2010
"Czars" and the Constitution's Appointments Clause 9/17/2009
The Legality of Employers' Use of Social Networking Sites to Perform Background Checks 2/26/2009
Can the Senate Legally Refuse to Seat Roland Burris? 1/15/2009
Christian Pastors Seek to Take on the IRS 9/28/2008
Analysis of the 2008 Presidential Election Electoral College Breakdown 6/15/2008
Test I'm using a long title just to see how this is handeled 1/1/2008
Is Apple Violating Anti-trust Laws with the iPhone being tied to a Single Carrier? 11/23/2007
NFL Star Michael Vick Pleads Guilty to Federal Conspiracy Charges 8/29/2007
Billy Donovan backs out of contract to coach the Orlando Magic 6/14/2007
Tenants Forced to Live in Squalor Strike Back by Suing City Land Trust 5/18/2007
"To Catch a Predator," entrapment and invasion of privacy 12/22/2006
Supermodel Naomi Campbell Faces Assault Charges in New York 11/16/2006
Columbine Style Plots Foiled in Kansas and Alaska 4/24/2006
Domestic Spying, the War on Terror and the Fourth Amendment 1/23/2006
Kansas works "intelligent design" into its public school science curriculum 11/12/2005
Bystander Injured in Police Chase Seeks to Recover Damages from City 8/12/2005
New London, CT Zoning Case Tests the Limits of Eminent Domain 5/30/2005
Judge Allows Evidence of Prior Incidents to be used in Michael Jackson Trial 4/3/2005
Congress Subpoenas Baseball Players in Steroids Inquiry 3/20/2005
Anti-Trust Laws and Collective Bargaining in Professional Sports Leagues 2/28/2005
Can Colorado University Fire a Professor for Expressing Controversial Political Opinions? 2/11/2005
Can the Los Angeles Train Crasher Face the Death Penalty? 1/29/2005
Bankrupt US Airways Gets Permission to Void Collective Bargaining Agreements with Employees 1/7/2005
Fox adopts a Poison Pill to ward off hostile takeovers 12/18/2004
Disgruntled Fans Sue Holdout Hockey Player 11/26/2004
Tort Reform 11/21/2004
The Justice Corps 10/27/2004
The Bush and Kerry Positions on the Estate Tax 10/15/2004
State Sovereign Immunity Protects Kentucky from Wrongful Death Action 9/24/2004
"Disposable Spouse" Challenges CA Premarital Agreement as Unconscionable 9/19/2004
Boat Docks are Taxed as Real Property 9/13/2004
Former Charlotte Hornets Executive Sentenced for Fraud 9/3/2004
Tiffany Sues Ebay for Allegedly Faking Its Jewels 8/30/2004
California Supreme Court Voids Same-Sex Marriages 8/13/2004
Right to Protest in Central Park During the Republican National Convention 7/30/2004
Employees' Rights to Form a Labor Union 7/23/2004
Martha Stewart Sentencing 7/16/2004
House Refuses to Curb Patriot Act 7/9/2004
Rights of Guantanamo Bay Detainees 7/2/2004