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Kimberly Longley, NPC graduate

I have loved NPC and everything that I have learned. It made going to school very convenient for someone who works a full time job and made it possible to earn a degree. All of the professors and graders were amazing and I learned a lot. The coursework was not only educating but was at a level in which the average person could understand. I definitely plan on continuing my education with NPC and applying to the master's degree program!

Brittany White, NPC graduate and paralegal

NPC allowed me to begin my dream career in the legal field! I am extremely grateful!

Susan Andersen, NPC student

DeDe, I just wanted to say thank you for being such a great instructor. I'm on my last class for the certification... and I just wanted to say thanks. I was extremely nervous heading back into school again. The last time I took classes was in 2000 and the phrase "online classes" and cell phones really weren't a thing back then. My first class was with you and the world of immigration, and your style of instruction fit my brain. I felt relaxed, laughed and learned! For that, I am extremely thankful. My husband used to ask me: Why do you like Dede's style of teaching? I would tell him that even though we traveled to many, many different states (of law), she always reminded me of my final destination. We might have been in Iowa, but I knew we were heading to California. You have an uncanny ability to bring whatever example you're using to explain trespassing back full circle to Torts. Hope that makes sense. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. You made my experience with the world of law fun and interesting.

Emilee Sperb, NPC student

My experience at National Paralegal College have been nothing short of amazing! When I started my associate's degree in paralegal studies, I lived overseas. Being able to exclusively use the online platform let me work on my degree without any issues, which was important because I was on a 17-hour time difference! I was able to complete the degree and move seamlessly into my bachelor's degree when I was ready. When I relocated back to the States, it was a smooth transition and I didn't experience any lapses or setbacks.

I really enjoyed my experience at NPC; every area I interacted with was a pleasure. My teachers shared their expertise and kept class engagement high (which I'm sure isn't easy when you aren't all physically together), and they brought an energy to the subject matter that just can't be matched. The administrative staff was always quick to help and were very responsive. I can't complete this testimonial without giving a huge shoutout to the mentors. The mentor program at NPC is truly unique; having someone in my corner helped me work harder, not just to get a good grade but to make my mentor proud.

Never did I think I would be someone who could graduate with honors, or even consider getting a graduate degree. But here I am, living the dream and expanding my horizons! I'd like to thank NPC for giving me that gift.

As I start my career in the legal field, I bring with me the knowledge and confidence I gained from National Paralegal College.

Thank you for everything, NPC!

Judy Sanderlin, NPC graduate and paralegal

When I first began NPC, I intended to complete my associate's degree in the hope that I could be promoted within my firm, and then be done with it. At the time, I was my firm's receptionist and didn't know much about the law. It had been years since I was in school, so I was quite nervous and anxious to get it over with. My very first class was taught by DeDe Sandler. DeDe makes class fun and informative, and truly made me feel like my success was all she was after. After class, I felt more comfortable, and to my surprise, all of the professors who teach at NPC are just as amazing. The work at NPC is challenging, engaging, and very relevant to what I needed to do to further my career in the legal field. I eventually received my associate's degree and my promotion within my firm, but NPC made me feel confident enough to want to go further. Why not next pursue by bachelor's degree and then law school? That is precisely what I did! I am currently a litigation paralegal, and I start William S. Boyd School of Law in August of 2020, all thanks to NPC and its excellent staff. NPC was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Naomi Moskowitz, NPC student

Being a student at NPC has been such an incredible experience for me. There is a wide variety of interesting classes to choose from. The teachers are engaging, approachable and really there for you as needed. When I started at NPC, I was assigned a mentor who helped me acclimate to the school and was such a great resource for me as I got used to doing assignments and taking exams. One of the most important features of NPC, something that has really made my education possible, is the fact that I can take classes on my own timetable. As a full-time working mother of 4 children, the flexibility of the program is something that was vital to me. Getting my bachelor's degree was something that felt like a pipe dream with my hectic and full schedule, but with the recorded classes, easily accessible learning materials, and the ability to log into class from anywhere, I am excelling and almost at the finish line. Thank you, NPC, for bringing my dreams to reality.

Anne-Marie Shaffer, NPC student

Everyone has been amazing to work with at NPC! Someone was always there to walk me through the entire process and to let me know if there was an issue that needed my attention. My professors are wonderful. My mentor has been invaluable. I think every school should be this awesome. I'm already feeling like I will get through this successfully and that I might want to pursue a bachelor's degree.

Marisa Janke, NPC graduate

I really had a wonderful experience with the school… I appreciate your time and careful consideration to the organization of this program. I have endeavored a few different post-high-school / community college schools but this was by far the most competent, accessible, flexible, and attentive experience I have had. I want to personally thank Professor Haas, Professor Rovinsky, and Professor Sandler particularly for being such brilliant leaders and educators.

Beth Evans, NPC graduate and paralegal

NPC paved the way for me to be currently working in a litigation firm in Los Angeles. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with my NPC experience! It prepared me so well for actual paralegal practice.

Nirian Rivera, NPC and NJU graduate

I am proud to say that my dedication and studies at NPC/NJU have helped me accomplish my goals in education. I am currently a student at Northcentral University in the doctoral program in Criminal Justice, specializing in Homeland Security. If it would not have been for my professors, mentors and staff at NPC and NJU (especially Stephen Haas, Esq.), I definitely would have not gotten this far. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Cathy Thrift, NPC graduate and paralegal

I am learning so much… I have also become the closing paralegal for the Department of Transportation for a very large project for them in which our firm is their attorney… I look forward to going to work every morning… If I can ever do anything for NPC, please let me know. NPC provided me with an amazing education and an excitement for law. (DeDe Sandler had a lot to do with that too.) Please share my thanks to all.

Lisa Easter, NPC graduate

I graduated in August of last year and I just wanted to tell you guys thank you so much. I got my associate's and my bachelor's degrees through your program, I'm applying to law school, and I've also been hired on as the law office manager at a firm here in Katy Texas. Thank you, guys!

Melanie Talley, NPC graduate and paralegal

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals. NPC provided me the tools to learn and the support to succeed. Thank you for being a college that allowed me to work full time, raise my family, and obtain an invaluable education. My life is forever changed for the better.

Malinda Scott, NPC graduate and paralegal

… I was called back into my boss's office and I was told that I wasn't an office assistant but a paralegal. My boss's exact words were "you are a paralegal." Professor Haas, I finally felt validated for all the hard work I put into my degree from NPC… I am gaining confidence every day and loving my job. (I’ve never loved my job before.) Again, I just wanted to thank you and NPC. Without the education I received, there is no way I would have been offered this opportunity nor would I have had the confidence to even jump into this situation… I even recommend NPC to anyone who mentions to me that they are thinking of becoming a paralegal!!!

Teresa Negron, NPC graduate and NFPA Registered Paralegal®

Hi Stephen; I wanted to update you with the good news… I passed the PACE Exam!… Just wanted to say that even though I took an 8-week review course and purchased a huge textbook to prepare me for my exam, nothing prepared me for the exam like my education at NPC… The rest was garnered from years of experience and my legal education. In fact, I referenced my former class materials from NPC in order to prepare for the test and get me through the coursework. I am now one of 4 federally Registered Paralegals® in Northeast Ohio!

Evelyn Stoner, NPC student and paralegal

I also wanted to tell you that at a recent interview, they commented on NPC being on my resume. She said they've been seeing a lot of graduates from NPC lately, and from what they've been able to tell, it's quite an impressive school.

AuBriana Morency, NPC student

Thank you so much for an awesome class! You helped make my experience at NPC wonderful during these past 6 months. I am considering going after my Associates in Paralegal Studies next year and will definitely contact NPC regarding my options.

NPC graduate Amanda Flatt, paralegal at Clark & Washington in Nashville, TN.

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience at NPC. I wanted to let you know that next week, I will be starting my first job as a Paralegal at Clark & Washington bankruptcy law firm! Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience. I really enjoyed all my professors and learned so much. I will forever be grateful for NPC and all the professors.