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Nirian Rivera, NPC and NJU graduate

I am proud to say that my dedication and studies at NPC/NJU have helped me accomplish my goals in education. I am currently a student at Northcentral University in the doctoral program in Criminal Justice, specializing in Homeland Security. If it would not have been for my professors, mentors and staff at NPC and NJU (especially Stephen Haas, Esq.), I definitely would have not gotten this far. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Cathy Thrift, NPC graduate and paralegal

I am learning so much… I have also become the closing paralegal for the Department of Transportation for a very large project for them in which our firm is their attorney… I look forward to going to work every morning… If I can ever do anything for NPC, please let me know. NPC provided me with an amazing education and an excitement for law. (DeDe Sandler had a lot to do with that too.) Please share my thanks to all.

Lisa Easter, NPC graduate

I graduated in August of last year and I just wanted to tell you guys thank you so much. I got my associate's and my bachelor's degrees through your program, I'm applying to law school, and I've also been hired on as the law office manager at a firm here in Katy Texas. Thank you, guys!

Melanie Talley, NPC graduate and paralegal

Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goals. NPC provided me the tools to learn and the support to succeed. Thank you for being a college that allowed me to work full time, raise my family, and obtain an invaluable education. My life is forever changed for the better.

Malinda Scott, NPC graduate and paralegal

… I was called back into my boss's office and I was told that I wasn't an office assistant but a paralegal. My boss's exact words were "you are a paralegal." Professor Haas, I finally felt validated for all the hard work I put into my degree from NPC… I am gaining confidence every day and loving my job. (I’ve never loved my job before.) Again, I just wanted to thank you and NPC. Without the education I received, there is no way I would have been offered this opportunity nor would I have had the confidence to even jump into this situation… I even recommend NPC to anyone who mentions to me that they are thinking of becoming a paralegal!!!

Teresa Negron, NPC graduate and NFPA Registered Paralegal®

Hi Stephen; I wanted to update you with the good news… I passed the PACE Exam!… Just wanted to say that even though I took an 8-week review course and purchased a huge textbook to prepare me for my exam, nothing prepared me for the exam like my education at NPC… The rest was garnered from years of experience and my legal education. In fact, I referenced my former class materials from NPC in order to prepare for the test and get me through the coursework. I am now one of 4 federally Registered Paralegals® in Northeast Ohio!

Evelyn Stoner, NPC student and paralegal

I also wanted to tell you that at a recent interview, they commented on NPC being on my resume. She said they've been seeing a lot of graduates from NPC lately, and from what they've been able to tell, it's quite an impressive school.

AuBriana Morency, NPC student

Thank you so much for an awesome class! You helped make my experience at NPC wonderful during these past 6 months. I am considering going after my Associates in Paralegal Studies next year and will definitely contact NPC regarding my options.

NPC graduate Amanda Flatt, paralegal at Clark & Washington in Nashville, TN.

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience at NPC. I wanted to let you know that next week, I will be starting my first job as a Paralegal at Clark & Washington bankruptcy law firm! Thank you so much for the wonderful learning experience. I really enjoyed all my professors and learned so much. I will forever be grateful for NPC and all the professors.

Myra Glover, NPC student and paralegal

Thank you for your assistance and support during my courses at NPC. As I am completing my last class this evening in Trust Drafting with you, I wanted to send a note of gratitude…

I have called myself a nontraditional student but after completing the program, I have decided a "nontraditional" descriptive no longer exists in education. Regardless of age and career, we should always be learning and expanding our knowledge. As life gives us changes in our journey, knowledge and enlightenment allow for challenges to be met in a positive environment through education.

Because of the training and education I have received, today I worked on an estate plan for one of our firm's clients and took notes during the voir dire of an upcoming trial of a client. NPC prepared me to assist my attorney with this very different legal areas. As a paralegal, our tasks and responsibilities vary and we must be prepared to assist as needed.

Theresa "Tara" Burnworth, NPC student

National Paralegal College is by far the best education I have received. I love that the courses are online and the flexibility of being able to listen to the class recordings at a later time for review or if I am unable to attend the live online class. The teachers in each class not only give you the information you need they make it fun and entertaining to learn. I achieved my goal of an associate's degree in one year and have decided to continue on to finish my bachelor's program. I look forward to my future classes and my future career as a paralegal.

Sharon Rhea, NPC graduate

I absolutely love NPC! I love that the classes are interactive with very knowledgeable professors. I have to write letters to prosecutors asking for reduction in sentences or dismissals, while the thought of that scared me, I reviewed several of their letters written by paralegals that had many years experience, I immediately recognized that it was IRAC! I knew I could breathe, as I had plenty of knowledge writing IRAC style due to our assignments at NPC. The other thing that I am completely confident in is searching case law. I never thought that I could be where I am today, being in an industry that I truly love and that keeps me captivated, but all thanks to NPC! I can honestly say that I love my job and I highly recommend National Paralegal College to anyone wanting to enter the legal field.

Daniel Flores, NPC student

I wanted to tell you that this has been one of great experience in life and the school is fantastic. I definitely feel like I have learned a lot over the past 20 plus months. You [Dean Stephen Haas] personally have been very helpful as well with any issues that I have had and I want to thank you as well… Thanks again.

Gwendolyn Payton, NJU graduate and first-year law student

Attending NJU was a Godsend. It gave me the legal knowledge, analytical skills and writing skills that will be invaluable in my next few years of law school. I am very blessed to have had this opportunity. I thank you for your expeditious responses. Much success to you and NJU!

The professors are amazing. They are very knowledgeable and willing to help the students. Dean Jeremy, Professor Emily, Professor Glazer, Professor Daniel and Professor Ellis are worth their weight in gold. What a well versed group of instructors. Each of them not only motivated me to learn the subject matter, but through their knowledge, I gained a passion for the subject matter. They all made learning worthwhile. I even started dreaming about cases from Con Law. LOL. Also, your book on Wills and Estates is such an easy read. What an outstanding job an invaluable book to add to that class. It made learning fun. NJU was truly an invaluable learning and life experience for me. Finishing up is bitter sweet for me. It feels great to finish up. However, I am sad to leave such a positive and rewarding learning environment. I will always cherish this opportunity.

Mary Lopez, NPC graduate

I have been accepted into Taft Law School and I could not have done it without National Paralegal College! Thank you!

Myra Glover, NPC student

Working in higher Ed for 22 years in my prior career, NPC has incredible offerings as well as instructors. The online process and website is second to none. The support and ability to communicate is stronger than some residential schools. I am getting my money's worth! Again, thank you.

Radha Patturajan, NPC student

This class (Legal Document Preparation) helped us understand how to draft documents in variety of fields. I was so apprehensive at the beginning as I was completely new to this field. However, our professors put us at ease and helped us gain confidence in drafting the documents so professionally. I am forever indebted to you all. My mentor Connie has also been a strong pillar of support, helping me understand the nuances of this field, since I was a novice… Thank you all at NPC !! You totally rock!! I am looking forward to more studies at NPC!

Quetada Kehrhahn, NPC graduate and paralegal

I'm currently employed with the Housing Authority. My degree has given me a great deal of "kudos," so to speak, with my boss… If it weren't for my degree from NPC, I don't think I'd get as much respect as I do from my boss. I'm glad I get to utilize the legal aspect of life with this job. If it weren't for those contract classes, CFR regulations and real estate law, I don't think I would've been able to catch on to my job the way I have in less than a year.

Debra Neidiffer, NPC graduate and paralegal

I was offered a paralegal position with Schulz Stephenson Law, a family law firm located in Beaufort, NC. I… received the engagement letter offering the position today… I also want to thank you again for helping me accomplish my goal. You guys are amazing!!

Christine Berman, NPC Student

You should be very proud of the college that you run, because it is amazing. My mother-in-law was a dean at Nevada State College here in Las Vegas and she even has a PhD in education, and I was telling her about this school and the things I described in my last e-mail and she was impressed, and she really knows about education all levels. (I let her pick what schools were the best for my kids.) So take that as a huge compliment.

Again, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to help me with all of my problems. When anyone asks me about my college and my experience, I have a couple things to say:

  1. I was completely shocked; when I was dealing with everything, the college took the time to reach out to see why I was MIA. Most colleges don't do that.
  2. Everyone whom I have dealt with in the last 6 months or so has been amazing.
  3. That my mentor is my rock; she puts up with me and I love her to death.
  4. That the dean/director of the college is so approachable and will answer the students and help with issues. Just to give you a little idea of my experience with this school, I have gone to a community college and a regular brick-and-mortar 4-year university and I have also done some of the other cheap online schools, and none of my experiences hold a match to this experience. You are amazing and you have amazing people under you.

Cheryl McCall, NPC student

After attending [another school], I still felt there was no way I was qualified to work for anyone. I was so surprised to get an A in your class because it was so much more detailed and intense. I felt really out of my league. The opportunities to have not one but 2 awesome instructors, an unbelievable mentor, and the different ways the information is presented made it all possible. I now know when I graduate from NPC with my B.S. I will be an asset to whomever I work for. Thank you for giving me my confidence back. I have learned more in the couple of months here at NPC than in 2 years at [another school]. I am grateful to be part of the experience of NPC.

Aleta Utterback, NPC student

This is my last class for Bachelors Degree… Wish I could be a student at NPC forever!!

Gail Keller, NPC graduate

I just wanted to let you know I finally got a job in the legal field – right in my first choice area – estate planning, trusts, wills administration, probate… Thank you so much for my education in legal studies. You're the best!… Thank you so much for being such an awesome teacher! You were so entertaining in your teaching and so understanding with me as a student.

Erin Quinn, NPC student

I have absolutely nothing but positive things to say about NPC. The professionalism, attentiveness and service you provide students is outstanding. I will without a doubt recommend this program and school!

Kristina Forgrave, NPC graduate and legal assistant, Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP, Raleigh, NC

I have truly enjoyed your college. I can only say good things about your program, professors, and especially you [Stephen], because you always respond so quickly and are always so helpful. It has been challenging handling school, work and family, but well worth it.

Twilla S. Gieschen, NPC graduate and paralegal for Nolan, Caddell and Reynolds, Fort Smith, AR

I have NPC to thank for my job here! I started in January… and will soon be celebrating my 1 year anniversary here… with the experience I gained [at NPC, I] was able to move to my current firm… I am so happy to be graduating from NPC next month!

David Martin, NPC graduate and current law school student

I love NPC. I earned my bachelor's from NPC, and I will forever be a lobbyist for NPC's outstanding programs, professors and staff… I just want you to know that I appreciate everything that everyone at NPC has done for me over the years from the professors, to my mentor, to the admissions and financial aid department, and beyond. I hate to part so suddenly, but I look forward to returning as a professor myself one day :). I'll contact you when I graduate law school.

Timothy Wilday, NPC graduate and current master's student at NJU, graduate division of NPC

The undergraduate and graduate programs have given me essential skill sets to work in the legal field.

Colleen Fluker, NPC graduate and paralegal / litigation assistant, Realogy Holdings Corp., Parsippany, NJ

I am seriously going to miss everything about NPC. It's been a long 3 1/2 years, and I really don't know what I am going to do without stalking my grades, doing assignments and exams, or attending classes. The classes I will miss the most are the ones with Stephen, DeDe, and Ellis. I learned an extreme amount of information from all of you, and I am really sad that it's over.

A few people signed up in my company due to my recommendation, so I will continue to recommend the school to others.

Thank you so much for your continued help.

Joanne Mansolf, NPC graduate and paralegal for the law firm Hinckley, Allen & Snyder

I can't believe that I have finally completed the paralegal program. I have learned so much, and I am really looking forward to putting it to good use in my current position at Hinckley Allen. Although it was a lot of hard work, it has been such an amazing experience. The professors, mentors, and staff have been awesome!!

I want to take a moment to thank Eric Martinez, Erin Steffin, Tommy Cantrell, Stephen Haas, and Brett Bauman. You all were amazing professors!! I learned so much from each and every one of you!! I would also like to thank my mentor, Leah VanDivner. Your assistance in helping to guide me through the assignments was invaluable. I honestly don't think I could ever have completed this program without your support. To all of the graders - thank you so much for taking the time to provide me with valuable feedback on all of my assignments. It was informative, helpful, and sincerely appreciated.

I love NPC and look forward to taking all of my newfound knowledge and putting it to good use. THANK YOU TO ALL AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

Barbara Roach, NPC student and paralegal

I cannot thank you enough for everything to help further my career. I wasn't sure if I could do it 25 years after graduating high school. This past October, I was hired at the Horry County (South Carolina) Department of Social Services as a legal assistant. After I get my diploma, they are bumping me up to paralegal. My experience at NPC has been extremely rewarding. I would recommend online school to everyone. Thanks again.

Misti Jackson, NPC student

I wanted to personally thank you for all of your help getting me through this first year of school. Returning to school after 35+ years has been scary but rewarding. I love classes at NPC and I am so grateful to you.

I want to thank you again for working with me. Every time I look at all of the college credits I have earned at 54 years of age, I am stunned! Getting a degree is something I never thought I would have a chance to do. I will be the first in my family to do so.

I don't know how often you are told thank you by your students, so I want you to know how much you are appreciated. You have truly changed my life.

Carol Lara, NPC student

Regarding my Dad, I am getting a tremendous amount of help through this program that I swear was a godsend. Thank you so much for understanding! Keep up the great work at NPC. This is a terrific College with great a staff and great teachers!

Mellanie Cadwell, NPC graduate

I just wanted to say thank you to National Paralegal College and my excellent professors. I was recently hired as a paralegal at Watson and Atkins, P.C. in Clarksville, TN. I work family law, contracts, wills/estates, and real property cases. I'm so thankful I decided to go through NPC because my courses truly prepared me for what I'm doing now. In fact, I used my textbook from Stephen Haas's Trust Drafting course several times this past week when I was working on a will! Thank you so much for the excellent instruction!

Alisa Paxton, NPC student, Corporate Paralegal Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

I just wanted to say thank you to you, NPC, and all the staff. My last class ends on July 1 but my work (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati) has decided that on May 4th they are going to go ahead and move me into the Paralegal position here in Austin. When I first started working for this office I was just working in office services where I set up conference rooms and worked in the distribution area. A few months after starting at NPC they moved me into a secretary position. And now by the time I graduate I will be a corporate paralegal. So thank you for helping me achieve my dream and a huge thanks to the staff for supporting me and encouraging me. NPC is the greatest!!!!

Denise Gosnell, Esq., Principal Attorney, Gosnell and Associates, Fishers, IN

I don't hesitate to recommend that my attorney friends send their paralegals to your school. You are outstanding in every way. I have also been impressed by your online format that gives great interaction among classmates, yet still gives great flexibility.

Jennifer Younger, NPC student

I have obtained a new job with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)... All I had with me were a few NPC writing samples during the interview. The head of the Arizona legal department in ICE… decided to hire me... She seemed impressed with my transcripts of the classes taken and the writing samples at NPC!

This interview has taken months to obtain. I was told I had over 800 competitors to get the internship with ICE... I owe all of this to National Paralegal College as I continue my education, and I will continue to strive to give us a good impression as a whole.

National Paralegal and staff are the best, and I will continue to promote that through my education and employment.

Jillian Taylor, NPC student

I just wanted to say THANKS to our Financial Aid office. I'm almost 30 years old and FA has always been my biggest deterrent to completing my college education. Every school I have ever looked at has made it so incredibly difficult. I have never talked to a school that actually knows how financial aid works and makes it go so smoothly for the students! You all are amazing, and thanks for really going above and beyond because I definitely love my classes and the work, and know I made the perfect decision! You have solidified my decision for sure! THANK you again; honestly, you don't know what kind of relief it is to know I'm finally on the road to a real career after so long! I love it so much that I am most likely going to do the master's program as well!

Maigen O'Connor, NPC graduate

I wanted to thank you for all the slides that NPC provided for the CLA exam prep course. I finished taking the exams this month and found that the slides were an excellent tool to summarize the chapters in the book. Overall, the CLA exam prep course is a great edition to the NPC offerings and truly helped me with the exams.

Denise Maurin, NPC graduate

I have just completed my paralegal certificate program here at NPC. I wanted to express my gratitude to you as well as the other instructors who have made this journey an enjoyable one for me. My time spent at NPC was challenging and rewarding at the same time. I want to acknowledge and applaud some of the superb instructors who shared with me the privilege of their instruction: Prof. Howard Leib, Prof. DeDe Sandler, Prof. Erin Steffen, Prof. Marvin Longabaugh, Prof. Tommy Cantrell, and Prof. Daniel Green. These outstanding educators went to great lengths to present an informative, yet entertaining learning environment. In my opinion, these professors are an extremely valuable asset of NPC. Thank you again!!

Sara Schebo, NPC student

I just wanted to inform you that I accepted an offer as a paralegal this week... I was greatly surprised they offered me the position before I graduated. I have NPC and the amazing professors and education to thank for the early recognition! I have been able to apply so much of what I have learned at NPC in my work and I guess it has really made an impression... I'm absolutely loving it and feel very successful, already – again thanks to NPC for the education and confidence I have gained in this specific and very critical line of work!

Teddy Negron, NPC graduate

I'm very excited to have come this far. I learned so much at NPC which has already proven to help me at my new position. NPC really gave me the tools I need to grow, develop and succeed in the legal community. I wish NPC and the NPC staff all the best!

Jeff Powell, NPC student, founder of Verified Veterans Supporter,
and co-founder of EntrepreneurVeteran

NPC is by far at the TOP of the list as a veteran-friendly school - and as founder and co-author of a number of veterans' Web sites, my gratitude and award of excellence go to National Paralegal College for their outstanding academic support, student interaction and support, their highly trained professors, as well as a web-friendly learning hub. (A+)

Stephanie Doran, NPC student

Thank you to the National Paralegal College staff for everything you have done to assist me in securing my future. I have already obtained a position with Pressler and Pressler law firm as a court officer liason, so at this time I will not need help with placement assistance. Thank you again for everything.

Elena Ives, NPC graduate

I just found out that I passed the California State Bar's first year law student's examination (AKA the Baby Bar)!... I listened to my Torts, Contracts, and Crim lectures over so many times during my first year I nearly have all Stephen corny jokes memorized! In anticipation of my second year, I have begun playing Property and Con Law every time I get in my car. I give a lot of credit to NPC and Stephen for my success so far. Thank you so much for your dedication to your students and going the extra mile!

Eron Klipple, NPC student

Thank you for all your help. My time with NPC was an amazing experience. Great people and a wonderful course.

Annett Franklin, NPC student

I do want to say thank you to all that have touched my life at NPC. I started NPC in July of 2010 not knowing a thing about law. My introduction to law exam was a 52, showed how green I was. Today, I have a GPA of a 3.77 and have my own freelance company. I will have my BA by 2015.

NPC and all the instructors have inspired me to continue my education upon graduation in 2015 and I will be entering my first year of law school the following fall.

Karen Duncan, NPC graduate and paralegal

[I] just wanted to say thank you to all the staff and especially Professor Ellis - he taught me how to write when I was horribly confused! The reason I got the position was because of the writing samples I submitted. My attorney thought my writing was "exemplary"… [he] interviewed several very experienced paralegals and chose me-coming from a nursing career and no experience in law... So, all of you who are as lost as I was when I first started, keep at it. If I can do it, so can you.

Ashley Cates, NPC graduate and paralegal

I just wanted to inform you that as a recently graduated student from the NPC Associate of Paralegal Studies program, I have obtained a paralegal position at Stanley & Woodard, PLC in Jonesboro, AR. The education I received at NPC has been greatly beneficial to me as a beginning paralegal. The help I received from Maggie Probst in constructing a resume, which was praised by my new employer, was greatly beneficial in beginning my career in the legal field as well. Thank you for running such a wonderful program which allows the non-traditional student, such as myself, to obtain the education needed to have a successful career. I am proud to call myself an NPC graduate. Thank you.

Grant Gardner, NPC graduate

This school turned out to be so much more than I had anticipated when I decided to change careers at the tender age of 47. I truly believe I splashed into the paralegal shark tank after receiving my AA degree light years ahead of those who had decided against NPC or never knew this fine institution existed. Challenging, grueling, nerve wracking are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe my 1.5 years at NPC. Rewarding is how I look back at that time. I recommend NPC to anyone within earshot and will continue to promote it as long as I have my memory.

Yannique Carter, NPC student

I am a very satisfied graduate of the paralegal certificate program. I found the entire program; course work, staff and students excellent more than I expected, and the pleasant interactive classroom environment set by each professor immediately stifled all my fears that this program may not be doable. Thank you again for all the energy you put into making sure all our academic needs are met.

Jaclyn Nguyen, NPC graduate

I just wanted to let you know that I have obtained a job... I will be assisting them with creating, maintaining and processing their corporate contracts. I'm very excited and feel that my paralegal education will be very useful! Thank you for your support and guidance. I am also very grateful to NPC for the amazing tools and knowledge they have given me!

Susan Schroeter, NPC graduate

I can say without any doubt that the courses I took at NPC have molded me into an absolutely outstanding court reporter and legal assistant... Thank you for all that you and the other staff at NPC do. It has truly been a dream come true for me. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, "one's mind, stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions." I TRULY BELIEVE THAT! I am a changed person having taken classes at NPC.

Aaron Titus, NPC student

All you folks at NPC, the instructors, graders, even the people who work in the offices, all do such a fantastic job. I think online schools get a bad rap, and that's terrible, because the two previous "brick and mortar" schools don't compare to the unbelievably student-friendly program you offer. I used to tell people that schools are just a business, and the student is just another customer, but you all are the exception to that rule. NPC has perfected the learning experience and I can't express how much I enjoy learning with your organization.

Sasha Pelletier, NPC graduate and paralegal

I got the job! Thank you so much for all your help with my cover letters and resume. He really liked the cover letter that you helped me with; it really stood out. I appreciate your help so much.

Maggie Toth, NPC Graduate

NPC is a wonderful school and program and it has helped me realize my dreams! I am going to law school and get to start with a fantastic advantage because of the NPC program.

Marian Mangual, NPC Graduate, Legal Nurse Consultant, PiscitelliI Law Firm

NPC made it easy for me to transition mid-life into a new career building on my nursing skills, I now feel confident I have a good foundation of the legal profession.

Kelly Hosey, NPC Graduate, Legal Assistant, Nick Law Firm LLC

I would not only recommend NPC to a friend, I recommended it to my sister, who is now a student!!

Rebecca Garland, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Frailey, Chaffin, Cordell, Perryman, Sterkel, McCalla & Brown, LLP.

The experience I had with NPC was amazing. All of the instructors I had were awesome… Being able to interact with other students and the instructor during the classes really helped me out a lot. I received great advice/help from the other students and the instructors. THANK YOU NPC

Jena Graves, NPC Graduate

Interactive classrooms in real time was a selling point for me and the best part of the school.

Patrick Herrington, NPC Graduate

I was very satisfied and impressed by the NPC program. In comparison with the brick and mortar schools I attended before, I would say NPC gives paralegal students a much more hands on experience and prepares us more for the actual work environment.

Elisabeth Doohan, NPC Graduate, Nonprofit Paralegal, Winters & King, Inc.

NPC has greatly helped me and I feel so blessed to have gone through the program. The professors and staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. I loved the program's flexibility so that I could still work full-time, spend time with my hubby in the evenings and enjoy a social life while in school. Thank you for all you do, NPC!

Michael Zuniga, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Law Offices of Ernesto Gonzalez, P.A.

Overall amazing teachers and curriculum, however what sets NPC apart is its cutting-edge technology and live class experience, as well as their emphasis on accreditation and expanding agreements with other schools/colleges.

Angela Williams, NPC Graduate

There is a very close knit feeling that you get while attending this college. You feel like there is genuine concern and attention given to you as an individual. From the incredible instruction, in particular Mr. Stephen Haas and Ms. DeDe Sandler, and their prompt replies to your questions and assignments to the message boards that allow open conversation.

Sara Schebo, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Kettering Health Network, Legal Services

I have been able to apply so much of what I have learned at NPC in my work. I'm absolutely loving my job as a Paralegal and feel very successful, already – again thanks to NPC for the education and confidence I have gained in this specific and very critical line of work!

Amanda Nelson, NPC Graduate, Case Administrator, Daniel H Brunner, Chapter 13 Trustee

The school offers so much support through the message board, study hall sessions, tutorials and above all the mentoring program that I never doubted my ability to succeed in my chosen program and obtain my degree. The structure of each course allowed me the flexibility I needed to complete the assigned work at my own pace and on my own schedule while also keeping me on track with the reading assignments and lecture times. The instructors are amazing and always eager to assist if a student needs help. This school has exceeded all of my expectations for an online education and has done a wonderful job preparing me for the real world expectations of my job. Thank you NPC!!!

Meg Pronto, NPC Graduate

I feel blessed that I was directed to NPC and that I chose it to point me in my desired direction in life. I can't thank everyone that was part of my journey enough. Given the diversity of political beliefs, legal specialties, educational styles and vast knowledge of the staff and students at NPC, my educational experience was enhanced in ways that it wouldn't have been anywhere else.

Esmeralda Contreras, NPC Graduate, Paralegal/Medical Records Supervisor, Air Methods Corporation

NPC offers capable and well qualified support staff and professors. While attending NPC, I worked a full time job and was a mother of two young boys. NPC always made me feel supported and always responded to my questions, offered insight to current events, and offered additional assistance during all hours of the week day or evening. The curriculum was one that I could apply to real life experiences and I will never forget it. NPC helped reaffirm my goal to pursue enrollment into law school beginning 2015. THANK YOU NPC!

Kimberly Aaron, NPC Graduate, Legal Administrative Assistant, Jackson Walker L.L.P.

I loved the whole experience. I feel very accomplished and proud. I am amazed at how much I learned, even though I have been a legal secretary for 20+ years. Every professor I had was easy-going, experienced and knowledgeable and made the material (which was often difficult) understandable. Every professor responded promptly when I had a problem or a question. I actually felt like I was in a classroom - not in my office at home in my PJs. I'm a little sad that it's over - I enjoyed it that much. Should have done it years ago!!!

Margaret Anderson, NPC Graduate

The courses and instructors were educational. The fact that many of the instructors are working as practicing attorneys helped as they identified areas that have changed even if the textbook or courseware did not discuss the changes. The staff was/is friendly to work with and responsive.

Wendy Buterbaugh, NPC Graduate

My experience with NPC was so much more than I ever imagined it could be. The professors are all amazing. It surprised me how out of the way they will go to help you. My very first class, I had Professor Sandler make a personal phone call to me. She spent 30 minutes going over material with me until I truly understood it. This set the tone for the amazing quality of education given by this school. From the professors, to the mentors, to students, it couldn't have been a better experience. Thank you to all at NPC for helping me achieve my dreams.

Jennifer Christenson, NPC Graduate, Certified Paralegal, Hankey Law

I absolutely LOVED attending NPC, I miss the classes to be honest. I look forward to the Masters' program... I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes and instructors at NPC. The information taught in each course was very interesting and has really opened my eyes to how relevant legal issues are in our everyday life. Graduating was bittersweet for me, as I miss lectures and learning all of the wonderful information taught in each course.

Morayo Dasilva, NPC Graduate, Realtor, Prudential, Fox & Roach Realtors

Yes. This program has provided me with invaluable practical skills required of any legal professional. I came to the United States fresh out of law school from England, with no practical legal experience. I have been a stay at home mom for the last 12 years and have a yearning to get back into the legal profession, hence NPC. My goal was to gain a refresher of all the core legal courses and to have the ability to engage in legal research and legal writings at an advanced level. Attending NPC has been a great way for me to achieve that. It has also given confidence in my abilities as a legal professional.

Jami Fiorito, NPC Graduate, Contacts Manager, Altivon

It was better than I expected. I really enjoyed my classes and what I learned at NPC. NPC does a great job of making online learning attainable and enjoyable. I never felt alone during classes.

Gena Hansen, NPC Graduate, Office manger/Bookeeper, GM Oilfield Services, Inc.

NPC is by far, hands down, the greatest experience I have had. Everyone.... students, professors, mentors and graders all will go the extra mile to help you succeed! If one person can't help you they go out of their way to find someone who can. Everything is done in a prompt manner and you are never left hanging wondering what is going to happen. There is always someone available for any questions or concerns you may have! NPC was a great experience and I am looking forward to returning to further my education. I couldn't fathom not having NPC in my life! What a great experience!!!

Eron Klipple, NPC Graduate, Court Clerk

This was a wonderful experience for me. As a mother of two boys and a wife, the classes and courses worked great for my schedule. The Course were interesting and I learned quite a lot in each I accomplished. Better yet, the Instructors were amazing. They were helpful, made the classes interesting, and timely with answering emails. The continuation of help through NPC will be a great help also. I feel very accomplished in my work. Thank you!

Becky Kozak, NPC Graduate

NPC exceeded my expectations. Everyone goes out of their way on a daily basis to ensure that the students receive the best education possible. The professors are overflowing with knowledge and eager to share it with their students. They are easily accessible and answer questions in such a way that enable students to gain a greater level of understanding. The support staff are equally impressive, available for questions most hours of the day and eager to assist in any way possible.

Evelyn Ludington, NPC Graduate

ABOUT THE MENTOR PROGRAM I think it is one of the best things about the school. It is so overwhelming as a new student coming in, having to learn IRAC and how to write legal memos. It's a different style of writing than most of us were used to. My mentor was a godsend... At times I called her my guardian angel. She was almost always very prompt in responding to emails, and when she couldn't be I was usually warned ahead of time and she had an automatic reply set up for emails sent during the times she was away. She's a wonderful, caring, understanding person. I don't think I would have done as well at this school had I not had her as a mentor. I could not be more grateful. I could spend paragraphs explaining how wonderful she and the mentor program are, but I digress.

Michele McRoy, NPC Graduate, Legal Assistant, International Paper Company

I have had a great experience at NPC. Wish I would have done this sooner. The flow and content of the classes were very good. I liked that I could pick the courses that pertained to my everyday job. NPC made it easy to get back into studying since being away from school for 20 years. Was able to work around my busy schedule at work and my family.

Toccara Miles, NPC Graduate, Support Specialist III, AAA Insurance

My experience at NPC was amazing!!! I fell into some rough spots along the way but the Professors were awesome and very understanding. They were always willing to help me out on so many occasions. Especially Professor Haas! Every time I ran into a hiccup he was the first person I thought to email and he always responded pretty quickly (Even on the weekends)

Sasha Pelletier, NPC Graduate

The NPC program was the best choice I could have made for my education. I have learned more at NPC than anywhere else I've gone to school. The critical thinking and analysis needed for the exams and assignments really helped me retain the information. All my professors were wonderful!! I will be back to further my education once I gain the experience that is such an essential part of the paralegal profession.

Aubrey Preston, NPC Graduate, Real Estate Paralegal, David G. White P.A.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a student at NPC. I feel the program has helped me learn valuable skills that I can carry forward in my professional career. NPC has made distance education a challenging yet enjoyable experience for me. Without this program I would not have been able to earn my degree and take away so much valuable knowledge and experience. Thanks to all the instructors!

Terrie Prutsman, NPC Graduate, Account Clerk, Addison Central School

I feel that NPC has prepared me to take on a job in the legal field. The way of instruction is fantastic, and the ability to do your assignments and tests-in your own time frame-made this a great experience. am looking forward to returning for my BA.

Alyssa Ridgley, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Gorny.

I have learned a lot and I would not have been able to attend any other school and gain the knowledge while working full time (among other things) had it not been for NPC. I received better grades than I had previously at other colleges because I was more interested and loved the teaching methods (online) rather than sitting in a classroom, I was always interested in learning and classes were great.

Ruby Siggers, NPC Graduate

National Paralegal College has great instructors who cares about the students learning and achieving their goals.

Trina Steele, NPC Graduate

I found that most of the instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable about the subject they were teaching. The way that NPC is set up made learning easier for me. I really appreciate all of the instructors hard work and dedication to their students. Professor Haas was my absolute favorite instructor while attending NPC, I can now say this as I have graduated! :-) Thank you, to each and every one of you at NPC for making my time with you great! I will truly miss attending classes with you all.

LeeAnna Taylor, NPC Graduate

NPC was much different than I expected. I feel like I gained so much more knowledge in my time here than I did going to a brick and mortar school. One of the best things about the classes is that you actually learn material that will be applied to your everyday job. The instructors are beyond fantastic and take the time out to answer your questions during class and messages. The students are extremely supportive of each other and that is something that is hard to find at other colleges.

Kurtis Bowers, NPC Graduate

I am very pleased with my experience at NPC. The flexibility of this school, having recorded lectures, provided courseware, and an ample timeframe for submitting material was the selling point for me. I checked out a few other online programs, and only NPC could meet my needs for flexibility, having a wife, two kids, 40+ hours of work per week, and military reserves. I was also very pleased with the level of quality NPC has, the classes were more challenging than I had expected, and the faculty and staff are top notch. I believe NPC is a great example of what an online school should be like, and really displays the benefits of distance learning education. I would absolutely recommend this school, and I may even return to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree.

Kira Corteville, NPC Graduate

I found it fun and I loved attending lectures. The chat classroom setting made interactions with the teacher and other students easy and enjoyable. The website was easy to navigate for all features. All-in-all a wonderful experience. I will miss all my teachers and my fellow students.

Clair Ellis, NPC Graduate

I really enjoyed my time at NPC. I learned so much from the professors. Their real world experience is invaluable. I also really liked the online set up. The ability for me to manage my own time has also given me a valuable skill. I loved NPC!!

Karrie Heller, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Shapiro & Ingle

Great instructors, I learned a lot, and best of all I got a job 2 days after my last final grade was posted due to the fact that I had studied at this school. NPC was a very valuable experience. Everyone at this school was very helpful to me. When I found out I had a job interview with a law firm I contacted the registrar to see if I could get anything showing I had completed all of my classes, she immediately responded and told me to email my professor to get my final grade posted. My final grade was posted and I had transcripts within 2 hours of my original request. Being that this position required a paralegal certificate, I would have never been offered the job without their help. I am pleased with every instructor and every class I have taken during my time at NPC. I would recommend it to anyone.

Gloria Holman, NPC Graduate

NPC was a breath of fresh air. It was exactly what I needed at the time I was searching for an online course that could hold my attention. The instructors are informative and the interactive, live lectures are unique and extremely helpful. I would recommend NPC to anyone with a career goal of Paralegal Studies in mind or anyone with the desire to seek an education about the law.

Barbara Roach, NPC student

My superiors at the DSS like the fact I take classes online so I can be there full time for them (37 1/2 hours a week)! Thank you all; I enjoy my classes so much at NPC. I talk about classes all the time and how awesome this experience has been!

Kelly Kaminski, NPC Graduate

I enjoyed my experience here at NPC. I loved doing my school work any time I like and I liked the feedback I got for my assignments and exams.

Pamela Kendall, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Law Offices of Kristina Wildeveld

Excellent school. I love the instruction, the samples, the reading materials and the ability to review classes. I loved Stephen the most!!

The professors - especially DeDe Sandler, although she's by far not the only one - are simply amazing. As a working single mother, the flexibility to complete the assignments and exams is wonderful. I ended up needing an extension on my last two classes - Professor Sandler and Professor Jessica Borden worked with me so that I could successfully complete my associate's degree with a 4.0. I am incredibly grateful.

Doug Kuhn, NPC Graduate

All classwork was presented in a clear and concise manner even that which might appear difficult or complicated was shown in an easy-to-understand manner. I had a great time with all my classes and really enjoyed the experience.

Stacey Manor, NPC Graduate

I think NPC is a wonderful school. Having the ability to attend live lectures or listen to pre-recorded ones makes it an ideal school for anyone who just doesn't have the time to attend a regular school multiple times per week. Also, the course materials were amazing. Having almost all the information that you need for a course right there at your fingertips makes completing your assignments/test much easier. Stephen Haas is one of the best teachers I have ever had. You knew he really knew the law and wasn't just reading out of a book. He is extremely personable and made the classes fun. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is thinking about entering the Paralegal/Legal Assistant profession.

Nicole Martinez, NPC Graduate, Legal Assistant, Hylton & Gonzales

This was a fabulous experience from start to finish. The layout and formatting of the courses were the only way I would have been able to earn a degree. My entire experience was positive from the staff, support staff and fellow students. I never had a less-than-positive experience!

Jennifer Miles, NPC Graduate, Senior Paralegal, McDonald's Corporation

The teachers are outstanding. I enjoyed and looked forward to class each week. The teachers bring real world experiences to the classroom which is so valuable.

Jodi Regnery, NPC Graduate

The teachers were very helpful, down-to-earth and a pleasure to listen to, I loved the "student mentor" program, as it helped me tremendously at the beginning.

Charles Scarlett, NPC Graduate, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Analyst, Citi Group

I cannot say enough about the program. The professors are phenomenal especially DeDe Sandler. She helped me to realize that I have a passion for the law especially criminal law. I had a C average in college and at NPC I had an A average. The classes are tough but you learn a great deal. My favorite part of the program that you do not see in the ABA approved programs is the assignments, researching case law and writing the memos or briefs that you would be in the real world. I want to thank everyone at the college. It has been a tremendous life changing experience. It has made me want to learn more about law. I cannot wait to use what I have learned at NPC.

Susan Silenzi, NPC Graduate, Paralegal-Office Manager, Sheintoch Todd P.C.

After not attending school for over 40 years, I didn't know if I would be able to achieve my goal. My journey was awesome in that all of the teachers I had at NPC were extremely knowledgeable in the area they were teaching and were always available to lend a hand, answer a question or just be there. It has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I hope to be able to still be eligible to partake in classes now and then just to keep my knowledge level at its best.

Yana Tatintseva, NPC Graduate

My experience here was great. With my personal life being so busy NPC helped me achieve my goals. At NPC, the staff wants you to succeed and it is clear from the get go. The students help each other out. Even though I rarely had time to interact I am glad I found out about NPC. I am extremely grateful to the entire staff and students that helped out. THANK YOU!!!

Patricia Torvend, NPC Graduate, Critical Care RN, Sutter Medical Center

Being old and not having taken classes online before, I thought it would be too hard. I just wasn't sure about it. It turns out, it WAS hard, BUT, the program, the courses, every step of the way was structured so well; What was expected was so clear and understandable; Accessible staff and instructors and support staff; The message boards are great; The whole package was more than I ever would have expected. The way the classes are set up, makes it very clear how one should structure there time to stay on task. The structure of the classes and courseware are such that they should be able to reach every type of learner - audio or visual, and I used everything you had to offer. I am very, very impressed with the high caliber of instruction and required assignments and exams.

Katherine Troiano, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Thomas T. Tornow

I can't thank the professors at NPC enough. They were always available to answer questions and helped make the courses less daunting. I appreciated that the courses were challenging as well. I have already applied many of the lessons taught in class in my office.

Consuelo Whitford, NPC Graduate

I was pleasantly surprised with the way online classes were conducted. The instructors were beyond wonderful and so knowledgeable. I loved learning and reading all the things I did. Researching cases was challenging at first but became second nature. All the staff basically were great. The mentor that you offer is very helpful for the first timers and especially when assignments became challenging as a veteran student. Even the other students were helpful when it came to assignments and class discussions. I cant say enough of my experience. It was a great experience I will never forget.

Tiffany Zimmer, NPC Graduate

The staff is comprised of not only educators, but they are also people who care. I had the majority of my classes with Stephen Haas and I am so grateful for his encouragement and his peppy sense of humor-he made class fun even if the material was stringent. I also love that all the educators here gave us tips as paralegals, meaning what they as attorney's expected from us in a professional setting. The staff, other than the educators, including the mentors and the front office directors have always been helpful and have an amazing response time! I have never waited more than five hours for a response to an email or a return call, and they are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure our success.

Holly Zucco, NPC Graduate, Paralegal, Boehl Stopher & Graves LLP

I have nothing but excellent things to say about NPC. I loved the method of teaching, while I found assignments tedious in the beginning I began to understand their purpose as I went along with my studies. I found the instructors very easy to learn from and listen to. I absolutely loved Stephen's classes, I learned so much from him, he gave excellent examples and real life situations making the materials so much easier to understand. Eric was another terrific professor who I was able to relate to and easily learned from. I love how approachable the instructors and graders are. You can send emails or ask questions during or after class and they answer you very quickly. I never thought anyone of the instructors were any better than me or had ego issues, they were always friendly, helpful and never belittling.